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So Why A Blog About Nordictrack Treadmills?

Great question.

First of all, I don’t work for Nordictrack (or ICON, the parent company).

nordictrack treadmill blog

My name is Vienna and I’ve spent the last 10 years writing for different treadmill review websites and blogs.

I’ve walked on, reviewed, tested, written about and hunted for deals on every treadmill brand you can imagine – Proform, Horizon, Freemotion, Smooth, Sole, Lifespan, LifeFitness, Precor, Bowflex, Nautilus and more.

I’ve watched the market evolve and change. I’ve seen brands come and go. And I’ve heard from hundreds of treadmill buyers.

And guess what the number 1 treadmill brand one the market is right now?

No it’s not Proform – it’s actually Nordictrack (although they are owned by the same company – so if you guessed Proform, you were really close!).


Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer Review
Nordictrack X9 Incline Trainer


Nordictrack is the brand to beat right now in treadmill market. In my opinion, Nordictrack offers the best value out there (which is probably why they’re so popular).

Nordictrack is ALL over the treadmill market. They’re constantly coming out with new technology and improving their treadmills every year – when other brands aren’t even updating their models!

Nordictrack was the first brand to put an actual web browser into their treadmills. They’ve also added TV’s, tablet holders, decline and of course iFit LIVE.




But it’s not just the toys. Nordictrack was one of the first to come out with the incline trainer – a super high-incline treadmill that helps you burn 5 times the calories of a regular treadmill. They also have some of the strongest motors and longest belts on the market.

So in short, they’re a brand worth blogging about. Because with all of the updates – and with all of the interest in these treadmills, people have a lot of questions.


nordictrack 1750 treadmill review
Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill – 2015 Model


So that’s what this blog is all about – answering questions that you may have about these treadmills.

Now since I don’t work for Nordictrack (although I do receive affiliate commissions if you buy through the links I provide), these are just my opinions on which models are good buys etc. (Nor do I take any responsibility for price changes, service issues etc – see my legal notice here).

But hopefully this blog can help you answer some questions if you’re in the market for a Nordictrack treadmill. You’ll find the latest news, reviews, comparisons, videos and even insider tips about these treadmills. So you can find the best model for you!

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