Does the Nordictrack Incline Trainer Fold Up?

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does the nordictrack incline trainer fold up
Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer

Thinking about a Nordictrack incline trainer?

These are some of the most popular treadmills on the market right now, as they give you the benefit of up to 40% inclines.

High incline walking incinerates calories and gives you faster toning/weight loss results.

It also gives you a treadmill that can grow with you as your fitness level improves over time.

You’ll never top out at the highest incline and have nowhere to go – as sometimes happens with a 10% incline treadmill.

One of the top questions I get on this site is:


Does the Nordictrack Incline Trainer Fold Up?


It’s a great question and unfortunately no – it does not fold up. None of the incline trainer models fold up at this time.


Due to the limits of having a super-high-incline design, it’s not currently possible for this machine to be made into a folding treadmill design.



A lot of people want a folding treadmill because these treadmills are generally easier to move around.

The incline trainer can still be moved – and you can separate the console from the base for easier movement. However this will be a bit trickier than moving a folding treadmill.


Nordictrack Incline trainer vs treadmill


So if you want an incline trainer, I recommend that you know exactly where you want to place it beforehand – and don’t intend on moving it too often.

If you want a folding treadmill, you still have options.

are incline trainers better than treadmills
Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Folding Treadmill



Alternative Options That Do Fold Up:

The Nordictrack Commercial series of treadmills do fold up – and they’re made just as tough as the incline trainers with strong motors, longer decks and larger rollers.

They also give you large, HD, touch-screen consoles where you can stream iFit studio workouts – or run famous trails all over the world – just like the incline trainer treadmills.

For example the Nordictrack 2950 gives you a massive 22-inch, touch-screen, seen below.


nordictrack ifit coach treadmill
Nordictrack Commercial 2950 Console


The only drawback with the Commercial series is that you don’t get the super-high inclines or deep declines.

However you still do get some incline and decline.

So for example, the Nordictrack 1750 gives you up to 15% incline and up to 3% decline – which is still pretty good.

The Nordictrack 2450 and 2950 also give you up to 15% incline and 3% decline. The main differences between these treadmills are in the strength of the motor and the size of the console screens.


nordictrack 2450 with ifit
iFit Coaching on the Nordictrack 2450


These treadmills – like the incline trainers – will also mimic the terrain of the iFit world trail you’re running and incline/decline to match the terrain.

So overall, if you need a folding treadmill – and still want some of the benefits of an incline trainer, they’re a pretty decent option.


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nordictrack x32i vs 2950 treadmill
Nordictrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill


If you decide you really want a Nordictrack incline trainer and you’re ok with the fact that it doesn’t fold up, I’d recommend that you know exactly where you’re going to put it in your home. And don’t plan on moving it around too much.

These are heavy, substantial machines – which is great for stability and running as they don’t shake or wobble when you pick up the pace. But it also makes them a challenge to move.


nordictrack X22i vs x32i comparison
Nordictrack X32i Trainer



Which Nordictrack Incline Trainer is Right For You?

There are 3 models right now – the X11i, X22i and the monster X32i. They’re all well constructed with stronger motors and tougher decks than past models.

And they all give you up to 40% incline and 6% decline. So there’s no real difference between them there.

The main differences between them are in the strength of the motor, belt size and the size of the console screen. The higher-end incline trainers have stronger motors and much larger screens for a more immersive training experience.

You can compare them all easily – and get Free Shipping with a 1-year membership to iFit included – with the link below:


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nordictrack 1750 vs x11i treadmill
Nordictrack X11i Incline Trainer


Summing Up:

So the answer to the question: Does the Nordictrack Incline Trainer Fold Up? is no – unfortunately it doesn’t.

If Nordictrack does come out with a folding incline trainer in the future, I’ll be sure to update this post. However you do still have options.

Either you can decide you don’t mind that the incline trainer doesn’t fold up and just make sure that you don’t need to move it around too much.

Or you can go for a Nordictrack Commercial treadmill like the 1750, 2450 or 2950 models – which are similarly well-built and great for runners – but they don’t have as high an incline. They do however all fold up with wheels on the bottom for easier movement.

So it really depends on what you want.

Still not sure? Use the link below to compare ALL current Nordictrack treadmills and incline trainers in one place:


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