iFit Coach Plus – What Is It?

ifit coach plus reviewWondering about iFit Coach Plus? This is a new addition to iFit this year – an upgraded version of iFit Coach.

And it’s pretty cool.

So what is it?

Well, let’s start with iFit.


What is iFit?


iFit has been around for a while now in different versions. Ten years ago, it was in the form of workout cards you added to your treadmill console.


ifit card


Then about 5 years ago, Nordictrack pulled out the big guns and turned iFit into an online tracking and goal setting option. This was called iFit LIVE and it’s basically an option on all the treadmills 2013 up to pre-2017 model.

You could also download an unlimited amount of new workouts to your treadmill from the Internet, including some from celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels where she coached you through your workout using the console speakers.


ifit live on nordictrack


With iFit LIVE you can also run world famous trails that are premapped out for you – from Hawaii to Paris to the Swiss Alps.

You can then see the actual landmarks in your console screen (if you have a treadmill with web browser) or your tablet (if you have a treadmill with no web browser).

ifit live



iFit Coach – More Personalized Training


Last year, Nordic track updated iFit and changed the name from iFit LIVE to iFit Coach. This was presumably to reflect a greater move towards more individualized training and recommendations.


ifit Coach plus review


So with iFit Coach you can get many of the same things as with iFit LIVE but you now get a special iFit wearable (if you get it through the Manufacturer here).

This can help you track everything from you offline activity as well to your sleep patterns and calorie counts.

You can get personalized recommendations from iFit on your workouts, activity levels, calorie goals and even your sleep patterns. This is next-generation training that is all the rage now – geared towards helping you achieve your healthiest self ever.


ifit coach training



So What is iFit Coach Plus?

iFit Coach Plus takes it up a level and adds in live-streaming fitness classes every day (these don’t just rely on your treadmill – however your treadmill is incorporated into many workouts).


ifit coach plus


You can follow your favorite professional trainers as they lead you through intense cross-training exercises.

You also get HD fitness workouts led by personal trainers that take you all over the world – from Santorini, Greece to the Swiss Alps.

Here’s a quick video example of the workouts:



As you can see, it’s pretty cool. You’ll be using your handweights included with your treadmill and doing full body workout exercises in some of the most beautiful places in the world.



ifit coach plus
iFit Coach Plus on the Nordictrack X22i



Is There A Drawback to iFit Coach Plus?

Unfortunately there is a drawback: iFit Coach Plus is only available on the Incline trainer treadmills right now – the X9, X11i and X22i models.

And the Plus option is an upgrade to iFit – so it will cost you a bit more than the regular iFit subscription. But for a lot of people it’s worth it.

Want to learn more?

You can learn more about what you get with iFit Coach and iFit Coach Plus here.

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