Incline Trainer vs Treadclimber – Which is Best For You?


inclne trainer vs treadclimber
Bowflex Treadclimber

Trying to choose between the Nordictrack incline trainer vs Treadclimber?

These are two popular fitness machines that help you burn more calories than a standard treadmill.

So you see faster weight loss and toning results on these machines – which makes them very popular.

But what about when you pit them against one another? How do they measure up?

And which one is best for you?

There’s actually some very interesting differences between them.

Here’s a rundown of a few things you should know before you decide:



Incline Trainer vs Treadclimber – Price


We all know that price is important to most buyers. And in this category, the Incline Trainer comes out ahead.

There are 3 different models the X7, X9 and X11i. The X7i starts around $1599 with Free Shipping here. The X9i runs around $1999 and the X11i is the premium model, coming in around $2499.


incline trainer vs treadclimber
Nordictrack Incline Trainer



There are two Bowflex Treadclimber models. The TC100 is the most affordable and starts around $2399 with Free Shipping here. The TC200 is the premium model coming in around $3299.

So if you’re on a budget the incline trainer looks a bit better here.



Incline Trainer vs Treadclimber – Design


The incline trainer is very similar to the treadmill in that it works just like a treadmill with one large treadbelt.

The difference is that instead of a regular incline of 0 – 15% like a normal treadmill, you get from 0 – 40%. This gives you a lot of room to grow and challenge yourself.


incline trainer vs treadclimber

You also get decline as well from 0 – 3% or 0 – 6% depending on the model. This is a great way to add in some extra crosstraining to your workout.

The Treadclimber is a bit different. Instead of one main belt, you get two smaller belts that rise to meet your feet as you walk. This definitely ups the “cool” factor and makes the Treadclimber a very sleek, memorable machine.


incline trainer vs treadclimber



Incline Trainer vs Treadclimber – Console


You get different consoles depending on the model. However there are some general differences. The Incline trainer consoles tend to give you a bit more in terms of entertainment and toys.

For example the X9i incline trainer console – seen below – has a full-color, touch-screen console with built-in web browser. So you can surf the net, read emails or watch YouTube videos as you walk:


nordictrack incline trainer vs bowflex treadclimber



You also get a tablet holder above the console so you can attach your tablet and watch your favorite shows or movies as you walk as well as an iPod dock with speakers and a built-in fan to stay cool.

The Bowflex Treadclimber has a bit more of a simplified console. You can see the TC200 console below. It does give you all the feedback information that you need. However there’s no built-in web browser, iPod dock or fan:

treadclimber vs incline trainer

Incline Trainer vs Treadclimber – Calories Burned


Ok, this is the big one most people are concerned about – which machine burns more calories? I first want to preface this by saying it can depend a lot on you and how you use the machine. However in theory anyways the incline trainer CAN burn more.

According to Bowflex (and an independent study they quote), you can burn 2.5 times more calories on a Bowflex Treadclimber vs a regular treadmill.


incline trainer vs treadclimber



However according to Nordictrack you can burn almost 5 times more calories on an incline trainer than on a treadmill.





If you look at the two pics above however you’ll notice that the calorie counts are different – this is because Nordictrack based theirs on walking 2.0 MPH for 20 minutes. Bowflex based theirs on walking at 3.0 MPH for 30 minutes (which is why you’ll see that walking on a 0% incline burns a lot less according to Nordictrack than according to Bowflex).




So if you account for this and just look at how much you burn relative to walking at the 0% incline then technically the Treadclimber burns a little over 2.5 times more calories. And the incline trainer burns about 4.4 times more calories – so the incline trainer comes out ahead here.

However keep in mind that this means walking at a 40% incline for 20 or 30 minutes straight – which is very hard to do, especially for new exercisers.


incline trainer or treadclimber?
Incline Trainer



Nordictrack Incline Trainer vs Treadclimber – Walking Vs Running

This is something most people don’t realize: You can’t RUN on a Treadclimber. The machine was only built for walking.

You only get speed limits of up to 4.0 or 4.5 MPH and the moving belts can make it quite dangerous to try and run on these machines.


nordictrack incline trainer vs treadclimber


However you can run on an incline trainer – you get speed limits of up to 12 MPH and extra long 60 inch belts. So you can walk and run on these machines.

So if you want to incorporate running into your workouts an incline trainer is the better option.


Incline Trainer vs Treadclimber


Incline Trainer vs Treadclimber – Impact

If you’re prone to shin splints, back or hip problems you’ll want a machine that is very low impact. And in this category, the Treadclimber has a slight advantage.

Because the dual treadles rise to meet your feet as you walk, it’s a lot less impact than pounding down on a treadmill deck.


incline trainer vs treadclimber
Bowflex Treadclimber TC100



Bottom Line?

Both the incline trainer and the Treadclimber are very cool machines that can help you lose weight better than a standard treadmill.

And they both have their own unique benefits. The Treadclimber has the “cool” factor with the dual belts. It’s also lower impact on your joints and you only need to walk on it to get a good workout.


nordictrack incline trainer vs treadclimber
Incline Trainer Console


The incline trainer gives you higher speeds – so you can run as well as walk. The consoles tend to be a bit better. And you can also burn the most calories on this machine.

So at the end of the day, it really depends on your goals, budget and preferences.

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nordictrack incline trainer vs treadclimber
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inclne trainer vs treadclimber
Bowflex Treadclimber