Nordictrack 1650 Treadmill – New 2016 Model with Upgrades

The Nordictrack 1650 treadmill is NT’s in between treadmill – a bit more substance than a typical starter treadmill – but not as many bells and whistles (or as expensive) as the mid-priced Commercial treadmills.

It’s great for frequent walkers or occasional runners.

Nordictrack has just come out with the 2016 version of this treadmill. As usual they made some upgrades (and 1 minor downgrade).

The main change here is that they made the console window (and web browser) larger – from 7 inches on the 2015 model to 10 inches on the new model.

1650 treadmill console
Nordictrack 1650 Console – 2016 Model


This will make it easier to surf the net, read your workout stats, etc. And at this price range to get a large, full-color console like this is pretty darn impressive.

The one downside is that they took out the 3% decline. That might bother some people but others may not care too much (which is probably why they took it out). Looks like you’ll have to step up to the 1750 or other Commercial treadmills to get the added decline option.

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Nordictrack C1650 Treadmill Review
Nordictrack C1650 Treadmill – 2016