Nordictrack 2450 Treadmill – A Good Choice for You?

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nordictrack commercial 2450 treadmill review

The Nordictrack Commercial 2450 treadmill is one of Nordictrack’s “Commercial” series treadmills.

These are machines built to be tougher with stronger motors, more stable decks and heavier construction than their starter models.

These are basically premium runners treadmills.

The Nordictrack 2450 Treadmill is the next step up from the 1750 model with a much larger, full-color, touch-screen console.

This makes it easier to watch the iFit scenery or HD workout videos as you run.

Plus the 3% decline gives you more options to change up your workout and crosstrain.

So is the Nordictrack Commercial 2450 treadmill a good buy for you?

Here’s what you need to know:


Nordictrack 2450 Console
Treadmill Specs:

Price: $2299 + Click for Free Shipping

Motor: 4.0 CHP

Incline: 15% and 3% Decline

Belt: 22 x 60″

Footprint: 81.25″ L x 39.25″ W

Folding? Yes

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: 10 Year Frame, 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor


nordictrack 2450 vs X11i treadmill comparison
Nordictrack 2450 Treadmill


Nordictrack 2450 Treadmill Review – The Benefits:


Extra-Large, Full-Color, HD Console

Nordictrack upgraded the Commercial 2450 treadmill this year and made the console larger than last year’s model – a full 14 inches across (vs 10 inches). this makes your workout stats easier to read – and the iFit Coach scenery a lot more fun to watch.


nordictrack commercial 2450 Treadmill with iFIT


It’s touch-screen sensitive and integrates with iFit coach to show you the world scenery (or fitness classes) in full, living color.

Don’t want to watch iFit scenery or workout videos? No problem, you can easily switch back to your workout stats with a swipe of your finger.

There’s also an extra accessories tray under the console to hold your keys, phone, remote etc. and a two-speed cooling fan in the console.


iFit Series Workout


Run Trails All Over the World with iFit

iFit Coach connects your treadmill to the Internet using the Wifi in your home. From there you can so all sorts of very cool things – like exploring trails all over the world.

Take a guided walking tour of Florence or climb Mount Kilimanjaro with a guided. The guide will help motivate you and point out interesting landmarks along the way.

Plus for a more virtual reality type of experience the treadmill actually inclines and declines to match the terrain. There are thousands of workouts to choose from and you can even see the latest user reviews and intensity level of each workout before you try it.



nordictrack commercial 2450 with ifit Coach
iFit Workout on the Nordictrack 2450



Take a New Fitness Class Every Day

One of the best parts about iFit Coach is the daily workouts. You can participate in streaming daily fitness classes led by a professional instructor. You see everything on your screen as the instructor takes you through your workout.

You choose from different kinds of workouts to try – from cardio to stretching to HIIT to yoga. There are also different personal trainers to lead you through different workouts, so you can choose to follow the ones you like.


iFit LIVE classes


Plus Nordictrack recently introduced new iFit LIVE classes.

So you can follow your favorite instructors and take the class in real time. You can also view your stats live in the leaderboard as you workout or text a question to the trainer during or after class.

The live training adds a whole new dimension to online training and it’s the next best thing to being in the class!

The best part?

As of this writing, if you get the Nordictrack 2450 through the link below, you’ll also get a Full Family membership to iFit included for a limited time.

So you can try it out and see if you like it first. (You don’t need iFit to use this treadmill – it’s more like an add-on service).


Click to Get iFit Included With the Commercial 2450



More Room To Move

At 22 x 60 inches, this is one of the largest (and widest) belts on the market at this price point. This gives you extra room to stretch out and run. It’s also ideal for taller users.


nordictrack 2450 belt




Get Extra Crosstraining with Incline and Decline

The Nordictrack Commercial 2450 gives you up to 15% incline and even 3% decline for extra crosstraining options. The incline/decline also integrates with the iFit trails to automatically incline or decline with the actual terrain for a more virtual reality training experience.

You can also change the incline/decline manually with the one-touch buttons on the console.



incline decline treadmill




Adjustable Cushioning

You can adjust the firmness of your running deck on this treadmill with the adjustable cushioning. For example for more cushioning protection on your joints, hips and knees you can turn the cushioning up.


nordictrack commercial 2450 treadmill review - cushioning


Or for a more road-like feel, just turn the cushioning down for a firmer deck feel.



Music Port with Speakers

Want to play your favorite tunes? You can plug your iPhone or similar device into the console and play your workout mix through the built-in console speakers.

You get 3-inch digitally amplified speakers in this treadmill – which give you better sound quality than the 2 inch speakers in Nordictrack’s starter treadmills.


nordictrack 2450 with ifit
iFit Coaching on the Nordictrack 2450



Nordictrack 2450 Review – What To Know:



iFit is a subscription based service. While you can get a full membership included for a short time, you will need to renew the subscription if you want to keep using it.

You don’t need iFit to use this treadmill – it works fine without it. And there’s a free iFit version with some free built-in workouts you can use as well. But it’s something to be aware of.



iFit Livestream Workouts


Bottom Line?

The Nordictrack Commercial 2450 treadmill is a premium treadmill built to take extra long workouts and keep you entertained and challenged at the same time.

Runners will love stretching out with the extra belt space and using the decline for extra crosstraining.

Overall it might be overkill if you just want a simple, basic treadmill.

But if you want a machine that was built specifically for runners with all of the bells and whistles included, you’ll love this treadmill. Great value for the money.




Where to Buy and Save

You can get the new Nordictrack Commercial 2450 treadmill model right now direct from the Manufacturer and this will include the  Full Family iFit membership for a limited time.

You can also see the latest user reviews, see detailed treadmill specs and watch a video of how it works.


Click Here for a Special Offer on the Nordictrack 2450



nordictrack commercial 2450 treadmill review



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