Nordictrack Introduces NEW Incline Trainer

Nordictrack has released a new incline trainer for 2016 – the Nordictrack X15i (Click Here to Read the Full Review).


Nordictrack X15i Incline Trainer
Nordictrack X15i Incline Trainer


This is the top-of-the-line model in the incline trainer series (I suspect they’ll eventually be discontinuing the X11). And as you’d expect it has everything and then some – the ultimate incline trainer.

For example, you still get the high 40% incline and 6% decline (the hallmark of the incline trainer treadmills). But you also get the largest full color console with web browser that Nordictrack offers.

You also get a full 15 inch HD TV above the console. Note that since NT has removed the TV’s on the Commercial 2450 and 2950, this is the ONLY Nordictrack treadmill that currently offers the TV option above the console.


nordic track X15i Incline Trainer Console


So you can place the machine in any room you want and still watch your favorite shows.

Other differences (over the X9 and X7 models) include a much stronger motor, longer warranty and larger console. Basically this is just built to be tougher than their other incline trainer treadmills.

So if you’re looking for an incline trainer with a built-in TV, you may want to consider it.

Click Here for More on the NEW Nordictrack X15i Incline Trainer


x15i incline trainer treadmill
Nordictrack X15i trainer