Nordictrack Treadmill Desk Review

 Nordictrack Treadmill Desk – A Good Buy For You?


nordictrack treadmill desk review
Nordictrack Desk Treadmill

The Nordictrack Treadmill Desk is an affordable treadmill with a unique twist:

You get a large, built-in desk surface to work on – instead of a standard upright console.

So you can work while walking.

If you work long hours – but don’t want to suffer the health consequences of sitting at a desk all day (which has now been linked to everything from obesity to diabetes), this is a great solution.

And the Nordictrack desk treadmill has several features you don’t find with other brands.

One of these is the Reflex Deck Cushioning – the kind of cushioning that bounces back and “helps” return energy to your stride.

This is the kind of cushioning you want for longer walking workouts as it causes less fatigue, post-walk.

So is the Nordictrack Treadmill Desk right for you? How does it stack up?

Here’s a review to help you decide:


The Basics:

Price: $999 + Click Here for Free Shipping

Motor: 2.6 HP

Speed: 0 – 6 MPH

Belt: 18 x 55″

Folding? Yes

User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: 10 Year Frame, 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor


nordctrack treadmill desk review



Nordictrack Treadmill Desk Review – Key Benefits:


Oversized Workspace Desk

The console on this unit is not a regular treadmill console but a flat 40 by 18-inch desktop surface.

The 1 inch thick desk surface has a sophisticated mahogany wood grain laminate which adds a more aesthetically pleasing look to this treadmill desk than other models on the market. It would fit in nicely with a high end home office for example.


nordictrack treadmill desk review



Adjustable Height Desk

This is a must-have in a treadmill desk – especially if you’ll be working (and walking) for long periods of time.

Some desk treadmills don’t let you adjust the desk height up and down to fit your height. But the Nordictrack model has an easy up and down adjustment. So you can find the proper ergonomic positioning for your height as you walk.



ifit Coach



iFit Coach Compatible

Like most Nordictrack treadmills, the treadmill desk now comes iFit Coach compatible.

With iFit Coach you can connect your treadmill online (through your tablet or laptop) and use iFit to do a ton of cool things.



For example, you can track your workouts stats over time (like miles walked, calories burned etc.) and see how far you’ve come. You can set new goals and even get personalized food and activity recommendations based on these goals.

Perhaps the coolest thing about iFit however is that you can walk or run trails anywhere in the world and watch through your laptop or tablet screen as the actual scenery pass you by.

There are over 12,000 video workouts in the iFit library – from guided walking tours of famous landmarks to high-energy runs through fascinating places.

So take a walking tour of Florence or run through the streets of Paris while being guided by a personal coach.



While this may not be something you necessarily want to use every day (since you’re using the desk as a workstation), it’s a very cool option you can add on if you need a break every now and then.

And it’s something you won’t find with other treadmill desks.


Click Here for More on iFit Coach



Integrated Control Panel

console on nordictrack treadmill deskJust because you have a large desk area doesn’t mean you don’t have a console.

There’s an integrated console in the right bottom corner where you can see your stats, adjust your speed and more.

The console readouts show your time, distance, calories, calories per hour, and speed.



Charging Station for Phone or Tablet

This is handy for those work sessions. You can charge your phone or tablet using the built-in console charging station as you walk.




Hand Grip Heart Rate Monitor

You can also stay in your target heart rate zone with the hand grips in front of the desk.



Reflex Deck Cushioning

As stated above this is a unique type of cushioning deck that “reflexes” back. It’s similar to the material they use in professional snowboards.

The advantage to this is that it can be easier on the joints than a traditional treadmill cushioning system – and give you less fatigue post workout.

This is especially important if you’re going to be doing longer (slower) workouts as it gives you the extra cushioning protection you’ll need.


nordictrack treadmill desk review


Nordictrack Treadmill Desk Review – What You Should Know:


No Incline

Most treadmill desks do not give you incline – as the point is that you’re only supposed to be walking around 1.0 or 1.5 MPH when working (and you’re not supposed to be sweating).

However if you do want some incline on your treadmill, you may want to consider the Nordictrack Treadmill Desk Platinum which does give you up to 10% incline and a large workdesk station as well.



Top Speed of 6 MPH

Unlike a standard treadmill which gives you speeds of up to 10 MPH, you only get 6 MPH speed limits on this machine. Again this goes to the fact that you’re only supposed to be walking slowly on a treadmill desk.

However, to be fair, if you can run at more than 6 MPH, you’re probably in the market for a commercial running treadmill and not a treadmill desk – so this probably won’t matter to you.


Nordictrack treadmill desk review


Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated, well-cushioned treadmill desk from a good name, you’ll probably love the Nordictrack treadmill desk.

It gives you an attractive, large flat working surface that can easily be adjusted based on your height requirements.

Plus Nordictrack has dropped the price substantially making this one of the more affordable treadmill desks currently on the market.


How To Save:

You can get the sale price on the Nordictrack desk treadmill direct from the Manufacturer. You can also get Free Shipping which will save you about $150.


Click Here to Save on the Nordictrack Treadmill Desk


nordictrack treadmill desk review
Nordictrack Treadmill Desk



nordictrack treadmills for sale



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