Nordictrack X22i Review

Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer – A Good Buy For You?



Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer
Nordictrack X22 Incline Trainer

The Nordictrack X22i Incline trainer is a brand new, commercial-grade incline trainer for 2017.

And it takes your fitness to a whole new level.

In addition to the 40% incline and 6% decline, the X22i comes with a massive, new 22-inch HD touch-screen console.

It uses iFit Coach Plus to help you train on the shores of the Bahamas to the streets of Rome and anywhere in between – all in large, living color.

Plus you can participate in professionally instructed fitness classes from the comfort of your own home. You can do daily livecast workouts with a personal trainer and other class members from your console.

So is the X22 incline trainer the right choice for you? Here’s what you need to know:


nordictrack X22i incline trainer review
Nordictrack X22i Console




Nordictrack X22i Specs:

Price: $2999 + Click Here for Free Shipping

Motor: 4.25

Incline: 40% and 6% Decline

Belt: 22 x 60″

Footprint: 70.2” L x 39.6” W

Folding: No

Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Warranty: Lifetime Frame, Motor & Deck Warranty, 6-Year Parts & Electronics Warranty, 3-Year Labor Warranty



nordictrack x22 incline trainer treadmill review



Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer Review – The Pros:


40% Incline and 6% Decline

With the 40% incline you can burn almost 5 times more calories than with a regular treadmill. And with the 6% decline you also have more ways to crosstrain and challenge your lower body.



nordictrack x22 incline trainer review


You could also use this trainer to save yourself a lot of time. For example you could burn the same amount of calories in 20 minutes on the incline trainer that would take you about an hour on a standard treadmill!



nordictrack x22i incline trainer treadmill review



Massive, 22 Inch, Touch-Screen Console

The largest full color console that Nordictrack made was 10 inches across – until the X22i came out with this more-than-double-the-size console of 22 inches. This is like having a huge touch-screen computer display built into your treadmill.

The Smart HD display uses iFit Coach Plus to take you from the shores of Hawaii to the streets of Paris and anywhere in between. You can easily switch between your iFit Coach Plus workout and your workout stats with the swipe of a finger.



nordictrack X22i incline trainer review



Take Live Fitness Classes Every Day From Home

This is something we’ve never seen on a treadmill before. With the Nordictrack X22i you can participate in daily fitness classes led by a professional instructor.  You see everything on your screen as the instructor takes you through your workout.



Personal Training with iFit Coach Plus

With iFit Coach Plus on this trainer, it’s like you have your own personal trainer helping you achieve your goals.

You choose from different kinds of workouts to try – from cardio to yoga.  There are also different personal trainers to lead you through different workouts, each with their own unique teaching style. You’ll also get custom meal plans based on your fitness goals, as well as a free wearable to track your activity and sleep patterns.



nordictrack X22i incline trainer review



Add Strength Training With Adjustable Handweights

The Nordictrack X22i also comes with two 12.5-pound SpeedWeight™ adjustable dumbbells.  You can use them on your own. Your personal trainer will also give you ideas on how to incorporate them into your workouts as well.




Not sure if you can lift 12.5 pound dumbbells? Not to worry, you can adjust these weights from between 2.5 pounds up to 12.5 pounds. So it’s easy to start out with light weights and then increase them as you get in better shape over time.

There’s also a stand on the side of the incline trainer to place them for easy storage.



x22 incline treadmill review



Premium Construction

The construction on this incline trainer is top-of-the-line. You get an incredible 4.25 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor. This is tough enough to easily power you up the hills and down the declines (you need a strong motor that can handle the extra-high inclines of this treadmill).


nordictrack x22i incline treadmill motor


The motor is self-cooling and is built with a bigger motor case, which reduces vibration and noise for a quiet, powerful workout.

You also have the popular Reflex Deck Cushioning which flexes as you step down and helps to return energy to your stride as you walk. This protects your joints and reduces post-workout fatigue.

Finally you also get large 2.5 inch precision-machined and balanced non-flex rollers. These help to reduce friction, which creates less wear on the drive system and decreases the amount of noise from the belt.



Extra-Wide, Extra-Long Belt

You also get an extra long, extra-wide 22 x 60 inch belt.

This gives you extra room to really stretch your legs and run. It’s also ideal for taller users as they won’t feel like they’re going to fall off the treadmill.



Nordictrack X22i incline trainer reviews



Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer Review – The Cons


iFit Coach

The iFit Coach is a very cool tool to have. You get LiveCast™ daily workout videos and custom meal plans based on your fitness goals, as well as a wearable to track your activity and sleep patterns.

Basically, you step on your treadmill, hit “Start” for your daily workout, and discover a new route from around the globe. However iFit Coach is subscription-based. The Nordictrack X22i is sold with a one-year commitment of $39.00 per month, billed annually.

Considering that this is kind of like having a gym membership, most people don’t mind. But it is something to be aware of before you buy.


nordictrack x22i incline trainer review


Does Not Fold

Incline trainers like the X22i do not fold up due to the limits of having a high-incline design.



Bottom Line?

The Nordictrack X22 incline trainer is a completely different type of fitness machine that takes your training to a whole new level.

You can participate in daily Live fitness classes or get personal training workouts from all over the world. You also get a massive, HD touchscreen to watch your workouts in large, living color.


Nordictrack X22i incline trainer reviews


And the adjustable dumbbells are also a great way to build strength training into your workout.

While it may be overkill for someone just wanting a standard treadmill, the X22i is basically a complete gym membership from home with personal instruction on how to be in the best shape of your life.



Where To Buy and Save:

While it’s new and hard to find, you can get the Nordictrack X22i incline trainer direct from the Manufacturer here. You can also get Free Shipping to your home which can save you about $150.


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Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer
Nordictrack X22 Incline Trainer