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Best NordicTrack Treadmill For 2017?

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best nordictrack treadmill 2017
Nordictrack C990 Treadmill

Looking for the best Nordictrack treadmill for 2017?

It’s that time of year again when we decide to get in better shape – and a home treadmill is a fantastic way to do this.

But how do you find the best treadmill for your money?

The best treadmill really comes down to you, your goals and preferences – which is why I decided to list 3 highly rated treadmills below instead of one.

These treadmills outshine the competition in their price class and a couple have even been awarded “Best Buys”.

There is also something unique about each treadmill that will suit a different kind of buyer. So you can see which one appeals to you based on what you’re looking for.

You can find out more about each one by clicking the links provided. So let’s get started!



Best Nordictrack Treadmill 2017 – The Nordictrack Incline Trainer


The Nordictrack Incline Trainer comes in 4 different models right now – but the basic idea and design is the same. These treadmills give you super-high inclines of up to 40% (vs 10 – 15% on a standard treadmill).


best nordictrack treadmill 2017
Nordictrack X11i Incline Trainer


Why is this so great?

Well, walking on an incline (even for a short time) incinerates calories. You can burn up to 5 times more calories walking on 40% incline vs a 0% incline. So you can burn calories very fast – and see faster weight loss results on one of these machines than you would on a standard treadmill.


best nordictrack treadmill for 2017 - incline trainer



Another great thing about these high incline treadmills is that they also come with various levels of decline as well – which helps you crosstrain and add more variety to your workout.

The X9, X11 and X22 models all come with full-color touch screen web browsers built into the console. So you can surf the net or watch YouTube videos as you workout – another nice touch.


best nordictrack treadmill 2017
Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer


The main drawback of the Nordictrack incline trainer is that you can’t fold it up. So if space is an issue for you, you may want to look elsewhere.

But if you’re looking for something that gives you more than a traditional treadmill, then the incline trainer is a fantastic option. (Plus starting around $1499 with Free Shipping here – it runs about the same price as a mid-range treadmill).


Click Here to See All 2017 Nordictrack Incline Trainers


best nordictrack treadmill for 2017
Nordictrack X9 Incline Trainer



Best Nordictrack Treadmill 2017 – Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill


The Commercial 1750 has been one of Nordictrack’s most popular and best-selling treadmills for about 3 years now. You can read the full review here.


best nordictrack treadmill 2017
Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill


It’s not hard to see why. It’s the most affordable treadmill of their Commercial treadmill series coming in around $1499 with Free Shipping here.

It’s perfect for runners or walkers alike with a strong, sturdy deck, extra long running belt and even adjustable cushioning.


nordictrack commercial 1750 review - console


Plus it was one of the first treadmills to add in a full-color touch screen web browser into the console. So you can surf the net or read emails as you workout.

The 2017 model adds a sleek new, HD console to improve your workout experience even more.


nordictrack commercial 1750 treadmill with web browser


You also get a strong 3.6 HP motor. The bigger motor case decreases vibration and cooling fans reduce heat so it can run longer.  This is another feature that makes it great for runners or those that do extra long workouts.

In addition to a high 15% incline you also get a 3% decline for extra crosstraining. Another nice touch is the extra stability bar under the console. This gives you extra storage space and a 3rd console fan to keep you cool.


best nordictrack treadmill 2017



Overall the Nordictrack 1750 is the perfect mix of strong construction, enjoyable workout toys and affordable price.

Plus if you use the link below you can get a Free wireless heart rate chest strap monitor with the Nordictrack Commercial 1750.


Click Here To Save on the Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill


best nordictrack treadmill 2017
Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill





Best Nordictrack Treadmill 2017 – Nordictrack C990


The C990 is one of the most popular, starter treadmills under $1000 right now. You can read the full review here.


best nordictrack treadmill
Nordictrack 990 Treadmill


There are a few reasons, but the main one is really that it carries a full-color touch screen console with web browser – seen below:


best nordictrack treadmill for 2017 - c990
Nordictrack C990 Treadmill Console


This is a huge step up from say the Nordictrack C700 Treadmill (another starter treadmill) which has a simple, LED console – seen below:


best nordictrack treadmill 2017
Nordictrack C700 Console


Most treadmills under $1000 like the Nordictrack C990 do not give you a full web browser in your console – or even the tablet holder above your console either.

The Nordictrack C990 also has an impressive 3.0 HP motor and extra long 60 inch belt. So you can stretch out and run if you want without reaching the end of your treadmill.


nordictrack best treadmill 2017


The C990 also comes with an iPod dock and speakers to play your favorite workout tunes as you walk, another fun touch. Runners will also appreciate the adjustable cushioning on the deck. The C990 also folds up easily with a shock-assisted lift to save the strain on your back.

Overall if you’re looking for an affordable starter treadmill with strong construction and some fun console toys, the C990 is worth considering.


Click Here for More on the Nordictrack C990 Treadmill


best treadmill for 2017
Nordictrack C990 Treadmill



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