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Best Runners Treadmill? 5 Key Traits To Look for When Shopping for A Running Treadmill

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best running treadmill tipsLooking for the best runners treadmill?

You have a lot of great options these days.

Runners need more from their treadmills because they put more stress and strain on the machine.

The video below goes over 5 key traits to consider when you’re shopping for a treadmill built specifically for runners.

Keep these traits in mind to find a treadmill that can hold up well over the long term.

You’ll also find a summary of the video below with some links to popular treadmill examples you can research further.



Video Summary:

Are you a runner looking for the best treadmill to enhance your training? Check out these 5 crucial features to consider when searching for the perfect running machine.


#1 Powerful Motor

First, look for a treadmill with a powerful motor that can withstand intense workouts and offer consistent performance.

A motor is the heart of your treadmill and a strong motor doesn’t have to work as hard to keep the treadmill running – even if you use the treadmill for longer periods of time.



#2 Excellent Cushioning

Second, make sure the treadmill has a spacious and shock-absorbent running surface to minimize impact on your joints and reduce the risk of injury.

There are a variety of different cushioning systems that treadmill brands use. However in general, a higher-end brand like Nordictrack, Landice, Sole or Precor will use a high quality cushioning system.


Nordictrack Incline Trainer
#3 Adjustable Incline

Third, look for a treadmill with adjustable incline levels to simulate outdoor running conditions and challenge yourself with uphill workouts.

A high incline can add in high-intensity, high-calorie-burning intervals to your run. Some treadmills – like the Nordictrack 1750 for example, even offer incline and decline for a more realistic feel to your run.


#4 Pre-Programmed Workouts

Fourth, look for a treadmill with a variety of pre-programmed workouts and customizable options to keep your training routine interesting and effective.

You can find everything from online tracking to built-in workouts on treadmills today. For example, the iFit option on Nordictrack treadmills even gives you thousands of famous world trails to trek – or online classes you can take from your treadmill screen.


#5 Advanced Tracking Features

Fifth, check for advanced tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, distance tracking, and calorie counters to monitor your progress and set realistic goals.

These can help motivate you as you see how far you’ve progressed in your training. It can also give you new goals to set and new targets to strive towards!


Other Features To Consider

Other important features to consider include a sturdy frame to support your weight, quiet operation for more enjoyable workouts, and compatibility with wireless connectivity and entertainment devices.

Popular features include bluetooth connectivity, online class options, whisper-quiet electronics and heavier frames for more stability.

So sum up – those are 5 crucial traits to consider when choosing the best running treadmill. At the end of the day, investing in a quality treadmill with the right features can significantly improve your running performance and overall fitness journey. Happy running!


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