Cheap Nordictrack Fitness Equipment

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3 Top Picks Under $800


cheap fitness equipmentSo you want to invest in a piece of fitness equipment – but you’re on a budget.

What do you do?

Well, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get fit. Nordictrack has some great options for under $800 (plus Free Shipping).

Here are 3 of the top pics for cheap fitness equipment under $800.


#1 Nordictrack 630 Treadmill

nordictrack c630 treadmill
Nordictrack C630 Treadmill

Since this site is all about Nordictrack treadmills, I’m a bit biased here. The Nordictrack C 630 treadmill is their most affordable treadmill coming in under $800 with Free Shipping here.

The 630 doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of the higher end treadmills. But you still get a decent motor (2.6 HP), a fair sized belt (20 x 55) and a backlit, easy-to-read console. It’s also covered by a pretty strong motor.

Plus Nordictrack has added a tablet holder above the console. So you can set up a makeshift TV-tablet type situation and watch your favorite shows or even connect to iFit and watch it through your tablet.

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#2 Nordictrack Ski Machine

cheap nordictrack fitness equipmentThis is a classic piece of fitness equipment that gives you an overall body toning workout. If you’ve ever tried one of these things, you’ll know just how fast you start to sweat (and burn calories).

The Nordictrack ski machine is what catapulted the Nordictrack name to fame. What I love about the ski machine is that it’s cheap ($599 with Free Shipping here). It’s also lightweight so it’s easy to move around.

Also, it lasts for years. I know people who have had theirs for over 10 years now. That’s a great investment.

If you want a great way to get fit that will tone both upper and lower body, the ski machine is worth a look.

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#3 Nordictrack Rower

cheap nordictrack fitness equuipmentA rowing machine is another great way to work your entire body. The Nordictrack RW200 rower gives you a sturdy classic fitness machine that comes in at a great price ($599 with Free Shipping here).

Plus, unlike a lot of rowing machines, it has a large, backlit console that makes it easy to read your workout stats.

And it also has an iPod dock with speaker to play your favorite tunes.


cheap rowing machine from Nordictrack


Another plus is that it folds up for easy storage – another thing you don’t usually find.

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