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Do Nordictrack Treadmills Fold Up?

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Looking for a good folding treadmill?

Want to know if Nordictrack treadmills fold up?

With all of the cool, virtual-training features of Nordictrack treadmills, sometimes it’s easy to forget that people also want to know about the basics – like this question I got the other day:


“Do Nordictrack Treadmills Fold Up?”


This post will give you the quick answer to that.

First of all yes, MOST Nordictrack treadmills do fold up – even the Commercial grade ones like the top-rated Commercial 1750.


do nordictrack treadmills fold up


All of the EXPi and T-Series treadmills fold up as well.

Most of the older, now-discontinued Nordictrack models that are still kicking around in stores like the C990 and C1650 also fold up.

These all basically use the same shock-assisted folding mechanism – to make it easier on your back. The deck locks into place and there are usually wheels on the bottom so you can then tilt the treadmill and move it around

(However keep in mind that most Nordictrack treadmills are pretty heavy so you might need some help to move it – even when folded).


One Exception to the Question “Do Nordictrack Treadmills Fold Up?”


While most of the treadmills listed above do fold up, there’s one exception to this:

None of the Nordictrack Incline Trainers fold up. This includes the X22i and the X32i models (seen below).



Folding Nordictrack Treadmills
Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer


The Nordictrack Incline trainers are some of the most popular Nordictrack treadmills on the market. And sometimes people get so excited about them that they forget to ask if they fold up – they just assume that they do.

However they don’t unfortunately.

Because of the limits of the super-high incline design (up to 40% inclines), the incline trainers do not fold. (You can however move them around easier and through doors etc, by disconnecting the top console section from the lower deck.)

So if you’re looking for a folding incline trainer, unfortunately – it doesn’t exist (yet). This is something you should know when shopping for a folding treadmill.


Bottom Line?

As of right now, most of the Nordictrack treadmills at the Manufacturer’s site here fold up – EXCEPT the incline trainers which do NOT fold (but can be taken apart for ease of movement.).

Want to compare all of your folding treadmill options?

Check out the link below to compare all Nordictrack treadmills that fold.


Click to Compare Nordictrack Folding Treadmills


Do Nordictrack treadmills fold up
Nordictrack Folding Treadmill


do Nordictrack treadmill folding



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