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Do Nordictrack Treadmills Require iFit?

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“Do I Need iFit for my Nordictrack Treadmill?”


If you’re thinking about getting a Nordictrack treadmill, you’ve probably heard about iFit already.

Not surprising – iFit can add a whole new dimension of “Smart Training” to your workouts.


do nordictrack treadmills require ifit


And, because it’s been out for so long, it’s far more advanced than what you find on other treadmill brands at this time.

However Nordictrack were in a rush to get iFit out there when it first launched. And they were not great at the messaging.

There’s a lot of confusion out there. Older posts and videos are full of inaccurate information. Other people with discontinued Nordictrack treadmills give out-of-date information on their iFit experience etc. So it can be overwhelming if you’re trying to get the latest answers.

One of the top questions people have is:


Do Nordictrack Treadmills Require iFit?


First here’s some history: When iFit came out years ago, it was an add-on option. Nordictrack treadmills did NOT require iFit.

Then there was a period back in 2017 where you did need to buy a full iFit subscription when you purchased specific Nordictrack treadmills like the Commercial 1750 or the incline trainers.


do you need ifit with nordictrack treadmill


However that idea was quickly sidelined and Nordictrack came out with a better idea.

As of this writing, if you get certain Nordictrack treadmills direct from the Manufacturer here, you can get a Full Family Membership to iFit Coach included with your treadmill for short time.

So you can try iFit on your treadmill at no charge to see if you like it first. That’s a pretty good deal.

You can run all over the world, take fitness classes from your treadmill, track your results and even get personalized workouts tailored especially for you.

However, once your full membership runs out and you don’t choose to renew the paid subscription – what then?

This leads to the next question:


Does the Nordictrack Treadmill Work Without iFit?


The short answer? Yes it will.

According to Nordictrack, the treadmill will work in manual mode without iFit.


do Nordictrack treadmills require ifit
Nordictrack T9.5 Treadmill with iFit


Of course, you won’t get all the fancy tracking tools, live workouts and world trail runs of iFit.

But the treadmill will still incline and decline, speed up, slow down etc – just like a regular treadmill. You’ll still be able to see your workout stats on the console like a normal treadmill.

This is according to the manufacturer and the iFit FAQ’s on the official manufacturer’s website:


“If you don’t renew your subscription you will have access to a limited number of iFit workouts. You can always use your treadmill, elliptical, bike, fusion or rower in manual mode. The iFit subscription is required for the advertised coach-controlled interactive personal training experience but not mandatory to purchase.” (emphasis mine)


And you’re not just stuck using the treadmill in manual mode.

Most people don’t realize that there are actually 2 versions of iFit – free and paid (or monthly subscription) versions. You can have a free iFit account with access to a few built-in workouts/videos. So you don’t just have to use your treadmill in manual mode – you could also use your treadmill with the free iFit version.

So there you have it: You can use your treadmill without the paid iFit subscription and still see all of your stats, change the treadmill speed, incline etc.

This makes sense.


will nordictrack treadmill work without ifit
Nordictrack X32i


Nordictrack would be shooting themselves in the foot if they only made treadmills that run with iFit – since not everyone wants it.

Of course, they certainly want you to renew the subscription if you think the value is there.

If you want to see which treadmills give you the limited-time Full iFit membership included, check out the link below.


See Which Treadmills Offer iFit Included Here


Now, if you’ve just started your treadmill buying research, you may be wondering:


What Exactly Makes iFit So Great?


Well that’s a whole other post. But in a nutshell, iFit takes a regular home treadmill and turns it into your own personal fitness studio.

You can stream thousands of different studio workouts directly into your home from the console. There are workouts for beginners to advanced trainers, from gentle, low impact workouts to high intensity interval training classes.

You can also take a LIVE class in real time and follow your favorite trainer from your home.


You can even take the class at the same time as your friends and compete against each other. The trainer will lead you through the class and can even incline or decline the treadmill for you (you can override this if you wish).

Want to explore the world?

With iFit you can run world-famous trails all over the world – from the shores of Hawaii to the mountains of the Swiss Alps to the ancient temples of Thailand.

There are literally thousands of world-trail videos to watch. And the treadmill will incline and decline to match the actual terrain – giving you a very virtual reality training experience. So it’s pretty cool.

Just to give you an idea of what you get, here’s a video showing you some of the workouts you can choose from:



Learn More About iFit Workouts Here


iFit has also now branched out into workout series (like guided tours of popular places or marathon training series).

Plus they’ve also launched live Events.  You can participate with other people across the globe in famous events from the comfort of your own home. See how well you do and how far you’ve come!


Bottom Line?

So do Nordictrack treadmills require iFit (the paid monthly membership)? As of this writing, NO they do not. And this comes directly from the official Nordictrack company website.


Just to show you how cool it is, Nordictrack is currently offering you a Full membership to iFit included for a limited time on some of their treadmills. You can use the link below to get it included.

So it’s there if you want to try it out. If not, you can just enjoy your treadmill in the comfort of your own home the way you want it!


See Nordictrack Treadmill Sales Here


do nordictrack treadmills require ifit


Still not sure you want a Nordictrack treadmill with iFit?

Don’t want to use the Free version to get around the iFit sign in on the treadmill console?

If so, check out the page on Nordictrack treadmills without iFit.

I try to keep it up to date with options for Nordictrack treadmills without iFit (or different brands of treadmills that are similar to Nordictrack – but don’t require iFit or any kind of online sign-in).


nordictrack treadmills on sale



One thought on “Do Nordictrack Treadmills Require iFit?

  • Joshua Brunson

    There is a button under the iFit icon on NordicTrack machines. If you buy a new one and don’t want iFit to have your CC, but need to unlock the machine. Press the button, then press and hold the button under the iFit icon for 10 seconds and viola it should unlock your machine. Obviously, you will still need to get iFit if you want the iFit features, but if you just want the machine to work and don’t care about iFit, then your welcome.


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