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Get iFit INCLUDED For A Year With These Nordictrack Treadmills!

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nordictrack 1750 vs 2950 treadmill
Nordictrack 2950 Treadmill

Looking to buy a Nordictrack treadmill but not sure you want to buy iFit with it?

Not to worry.

Right now, Nordictrack is currently having a sale on certain treadmills where you can buy it (at the regular price) and get a 1 year iFit membership included.

So you can try iFit out and see if you like it.

Please note – I do not work for Nordictrack so I don’t know how long this promo will be going on for – it could end at any time.


Nordictrack Treadmills with iFit Included:



Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer

This is the ultimate incline trainer with the largest touch-screen Nordictrack makes – a massive, new 22-inch HD touch-screen console. You also get up to 40% incline and even 6% decline.


free ifit nordictrack treadmill
Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer


You also get premium construction with the monster 4.25 HP motor. The motor is self-cooling and is built with a bigger motor case, which reduces vibration and noise for a quiet, powerful workout.

You also have the popular Reflex Deck Cushioning which flexes as you step down and helps to return energy to your stride as you walk. This protects your joints and reduces post-workout fatigue.


Click Here to get iFit Included with the X22i


nordictrack free ifit treadmill
Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer console




Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer

The X9i is most affordable incline trainer coming in under $2000. You still get all the basics you need in a high-calorie burning incline trainer: up to 40% incline and 6% decline.


nordictrack x9i incline trainer review
Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer


You also get the built-in full color Android web browser with the X9 – but it’s smaller than the X22i above – around 7 inches instead of 22 inches.

However there is a tablet holder above the console – so if you want a bigger screen, you can always connect to iFit that way and watch LIVEcast fitness classes or run trails with your favorite personal trainers anywhere in the world.


Click Here to get iFit Included with the X9i





Nordictrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill

This is similar to the Nordictrack X22i in that you get a massive 22-inch HD touch-screen console. However it’s a few hundred dollars less and it’s more of a runner-friendly treadmill with strong construction and great cushioning.


free ifit with nordictrack treadmill
Nordictrack Commercial 2950 Treadmill


You still get up to 15% incline and even 3% decline for added crosstraining. And the adjustable cushioning lets you add extra cushioning protection for your hips, knees and back if you need it.


Click Here to get iFit Included with the 2950




Nordictrack 1650 Treadmill

This is one of the most affordable Nordictrack treadmills with Free iFit – coming in around $1399 with Free Shipping here. You get a large 10 inch console with web browser and a respectable 3.5 HP motor


Nordictrack treadmill reviews - 1650
Nordictrack C1650 Treadmill


The 1650 treadmill also gives you adjustable cushioning and folds up easily with shock-assist to save the strain on your back.


Click Here to get iFit Included with the 1650



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