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How Many Calories Can You Burn On A Treadmill? And Which Treadmills are Best?

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How Many Calories Do You Burn On A Treadmill?


Wondering how many calories you can burn on a treadmill?

You came to the right post!

how to burn more calories on a teadmillIt’s the time of year again – the time when we’re thinking of new beginnings, new goals and a new us.

It’s also the time of year we have the mojo to build a new, strong, slim body – the body of our dreams.

And a lot of people choose to get some help by getting a home treadmill.

It’s convenient, private and it can even be a great stress release from the pressures of life (provided you enjoy walking or running).

But that leads to the next question people often have:


How Many Calories Can You Actually Burn on a Treadmill?


This can be challenging as there are different factors that lead into this number.

I’ll attempt to answer that question in this post as well as give you some tips to burn even more. That way you can maximize your time on your treadmill so you can see faster results in less time.

We’ll also talk about which treadmills are best for burning mega calories in minimum time (some ARE better than others and this is something you may want to consider when shopping).

So let’s dive in.


How Many Calories Can You Burn On A Treadmill?


Well this total number you burn depends on several factors, including your weight, gender, intensity of your workout, and the length of your workout.

With that being said however, here’s a general guideline  for what you’ll burn:


Walking at a moderate pace (3.0 mph) for 30 minutes: Approximately 92 calories burned for a 155-pound person

Jogging at a moderate pace (5.0 mph) for 30 minutes: Approximately 240 calories burned for a 155-pound person

Running at a moderate pace (6.0 mph) for 30 minutes: Approximately 295 calories burned for a 155-pound person

Running at a vigorous pace (8.0 mph) for 30 minutes: Approximately 372 calories burned for a 155-pound person


Again, these are general numbers. Other factors like your age, muscle mass and even your current fitness level also play a part.


burn calories on a treadmill


That leads to the next question – What can you do to burn MORE Calories on your treadmill?

Here are 4 quick tips:


4 Tips to Burn MORE Calories On Your Treadmill:


  1. Walk Uphill

Incline walking recruits more leg muscles – the large ones that really chew through calories. So it makes sense that walking on an incline can really skyrocket your calorie-burning and weight loss results.


Nordictrack Incline Trainer


Most treadmills give you from 10-15 percent incline which is pretty good.

However there are some treadmills that give you even HIGHER inclines like the Nordictrack Incline trainers. These beasts give you up to 40% incline so you can burn calories ultra-fast.

In fact, you can burn up to 5 times more calories on these vs walking on a flat surface.

You don’t have to walk uphill constantly though to get the calorie-burning effect. You can add in high-intensity incline intervals of 30 seconds to 1 minute.

This HIIT training can also rev your metabolism and it’s a great way to see faster results.


2) Walk Faster

By increasing your speed you, again, work more leg muscles and burn more calories. You can even add in quick jogging intervals if you want to do some HIIT training.

While this isn’t as effective as increasing your incline, it will help you increase calorie-burning.


3) Add Interval Training

Again, as stated above, doing HIIT or high-intensity interval training is a great way to rev that metabolism, even post-workout. By constantly challenging your body, it will never slow down or get used to one set motion.

Lots of athletes and hollywood stars swear by interval training even if they only have 20 minutes a day – it’s that effective!


4) Use Handweights

Add in even more muscle groups by using handweights to work your arms.

It’s pretty simple (and most people can manage it) to grab a couple of 3 pound handweights and pump your arms while walking.

It’s also great for upper body toning – you’ll really notice the difference after about a month of doing this on a regular basis!


Ok, so now you know how many calories you can burn on a treadmill and how to increase that for faster results.

But if you’re shopping for the right machine, you may be wondering – what’s the best treadmill for high calorie burning?

Well that title has to go to one style of treadmill – the Nordictrack Incline Trainer.

Nordictrack makes a few different models (you can review them by using the links above under Incline trainers).

But they all have the same basic layout as far as design.


Incline Trainer Incline


They all give you from 0 – 40% incline – which is amazing. And you can even get up to 6% decline as well.

The decline is a great way to cool down from a very intense incline session.

Plus all of these treadmills have full-color, HD screens which connect to iFit (Nordictrack’s online streaming service) where you can run famous trails all over the world from Paris to the Grand Canyon.



Plus the treadmill interacts with the trail to incline or decline to match the actual terrain. This gives you a very virtual reality feel.

And it can keep you on your treadmill longer (because you’re having fun and enjoying the scenery). This is another great way to burn more calories on your home treadmill!

You can even take live fitness classes using iFit from the screen on your incline trainer. iFit even has incline-trainer specific classes you can stream to your home.

So if you’re looking for the best treadmill to lose weight and tone up, the incline trainer – any model – is one of your best options.


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Another great option?

Although it’s fairly new to the market and not as experienced as the incline trainer, you may also like the Bowflex Treadmill 22.

It’s a premium model with a large, full-color touch-screen as well. And you get the option to stream programs also.



But the thing that makes it good for calorie burning is that it gives you a higher incline than other home treadmills – up to 20%.

It’s not as high as the Nordictrack incline trainers. But it’s still pretty good. And it also gives you up to 5% decline for added crosstraining.

So it’s excellent for giving you a very effective workout.


Click to Check out the Bowflex Treadmill 22


Bowflex T22 Treadmill


So what’s the bottom line on how many calories can you burn on a treadmill?

While there are general numbers (see above), the power to burn calories faster is really in your hands.

You can see amazing results by using the tips and treadmill options above to find a workout style that feels right for you.

So go forth, build that dream body and reach those new years goals!


What about you? Is there something you do to burn more calories on your treadmill? Leave a comment below!


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