How To Burn More Calories On A Treadmill

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4 Simple Tips to Rev Up Your Calorie Burning Power!


how to burn more calories on a teadmillWondering how to burn more calories on your treadmill? Want to see weight loss results faster?

A treadmill is a great way to burn of those extra pounds – but there are little “tweaks” you can try to burn even more calories per workout.

Here are 4 simple ways to jump-start your workout and burn mega-calories:


#1 Do An Interval Workout

To burn more calories (including post-workout), try doing running intervals. You do this by increasing the speed for short intervals.

So for example you could walk for 3 – 4 minutes at a brisk pace and then run at an increased speed for 30 seconds up to 1 minute (but always listen to your body and don’t overdo it – go at your own pace).

Then go back to the  brisk walk until your heart rate and breathing slow down. Then rinse and repeat around 3 – 5 times throughout your workout.

Interval training causes your body to burn more calories, because it can’t get used to one set pace – it has to be on it’s toes, so-to-speak, which increases the calorie burning.


how to burn more calories on a treadmill - woman running


#2 Increase Your Speed Gradually

Running at a maximized speed can effectively burn more calories compared to a normal treadmill walk. However, running at a high speed at the start of your workout can stress your body.

Don’t force yourself to start at a high speed. Work up to it. Let your body get used to it gradually (it’s like getting into a pool of cold water – sometimes you’ve got to move slowly!)

Before setting the speed, you can start first by making a brisk walk. Then gradually increase your speed. Every 2 to 5 minutes, turn up the speed a bit. Before you know it you’ll be running at a high calorie burning pace without the stress and pain of jumping right into it.


burning more calories on a treadmill


#3 Distract Yourself So You Workout For Longer

There are lots of ways to distract yourself from your workout – so you run for a longer time. For example, Nordictrack makes treadmills like the Commercisl 2450 that have a built-in TV AND web browser.

So you can watch your favorite shows or go online and read emails (or do both at the same time). When you’re really engaged in something, you’re not as focused on your workout (and every single minute you’re on it).

So you tend to stay on the treadmill for much longer as you’re completely distracted.


#4 Walk at A High Incline

High incline walking uses the larger muscles of your legs – and these muscles are calorie HOGS. You can burn 5 times the calories on an incline trainer treadmill than walking on a flat surface for example.


burn more calories on a treadmill


You don’t necessarily need to have a high incline trainer – even walking at a 10 or 15% incline for short periods will also increase your calorie burn. The important thing is to do what you can and your fitness will improve over time – so you can do more.

So those are 4 ways to burn more calories on a treadmill. Try one of them the next time you workout. Within a week you’ll notice a difference in your figure and fitness level!


burn more calories with an incline tranier treadmill