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How To Reset A Nordictrack Treadmill

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nordictrack treadmill with ifitWondering how to reset your Nordictrack treadmill?

You’ll find a handy video below made by a gentlemen showing you exactly how to reset your Nordictrack treadmill.

It’s a great and very helpful video if you’re looking for a quick fix.

Note however that the sound is quite low on the video so you may need to turn your sound up.

I’ve also included a brief summary below the video – so you can read it as well as watch the video.



How to Reset Nordictrack Treadmill – Summary:

This video will show you how to do a factory reset on your Nordictrack iFit treadmill.

This will work on any Nordictrack or Proform machine including bike, treadmill, eliptical, rower etc.

This will do a hard reset on your machine.

The hardest part for most people is finding the little hole in the console to hit the reset switch. It’s very small and can blend easily into the black console.

The location of this small hole varies depending on the machine. The video shows you several examples of where it might be.

Once you’ve found this hole, you’ll need a toothpick, safety pin etc, that you can use to push through the hole. When you insert the toothpick into the hole and push, you’ll hear a clicking sound – that is the reset switch.

Once you’ve found the hole with this reset switch, you’re halfway there.

Nordictrack Incline trainer vs treadmill



How To Do the Reset Itself

Find the switch and get ready with your toothpick or safety pin. Make sure the power to your treadmill is off.

Then push the reset switch at the same time as you turn your machine on.

Keep the switch engaged (have your toothpick pushed in on the switch and let the treadmill power up). It might take a while and eventually you’ll see – via the screen – that the treadmill is installing a new update (the video will show you what the screen looks like and what you’ll see).

That’s it. You’ve just reset your Nordictrack treadmill.

Note that this is a complete factory reset. So you’ll need to set up your wi-fi and redo the iFit sign in.

If it doesn’t fix the problem, try it again. The gentleman in the video states that sometimes he’s had to do a reset up to 3 or 4 times before the problem is actually fixed. But most of the time, he states if you do this, it will reset the machine and fix the problem.

If the reset doesn’t fix the treadmill – you may want to call in a technician or contact iFit support directly as well.

Overall it’s a great video and very helpful if you want a quick way to reset your Nordictrack treadmill.


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