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iFit Coach Plus – What Is It?

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Please Note: iFit Coach Plus is no longer offered as an option if the iFit program. iFit is offered as a free version, family or single monthly subscription membership.

This article has out of date information on the older iFit Coach Plus program and is no longer accurate. For the latest information on iFit, please see our post on Nordictrack iFit Treadmills: Everything You Need to Know here


ifit coach plus reviewWondering about iFit Coach or iFit Coach Plus?

iFit Coach is something you find on all new Nordictrack treadmills for 2018 (and some for 2017).

And it’s pretty amazing – but there’s so much old, outdated information on the web that people can get confused.

So what is iFit? And how can it help you?

This post will break down what you need to know and bring you up to date on the latest with iFit Coach.


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What is iFit?


iFit has actually been around for over 12 years now in various forms. When it was first introduced, iFit was in the form of workout cards that you added to your treadmill console. These added new workouts to your treadmill in addition to the already built-in workouts that came with your treadmill.

However Nordictrack has since phased out iFit cards and you can no longer buy them anymore.


ifit card


Then about 5 years ago, Nordictrack pulled out the big guns and turned iFit into an online tracking and workout software. This was called iFit LIVE and it’s basically an option on all the treadmills from 2013 up to most pre-2017 models.

With iFit LIVE you could also download hundreds of new workouts to your treadmill from the Internet, including some from celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels where she coached you through your workout using the console speakers.


ifit live on nordictrack


With iFit LIVE (and now with the iFit Coach) you could also run world famous trails that were premapped out for you – from Hawaii to Paris to the Swiss Alps.

You could see the actual landmarks in your console screen (if you have a treadmill with full color console) or your tablet (if you use your tablet to connect to iFit).

ifit live


You could also use the Googlemaps feature to plot out your own trail and then run through that particular area using Google streetview to see everything around you as you ran (for example if you want to run in an old neighbourhood).


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iFit Coach – More Personalized Training


Last year, Nordic track updated iFit and changed the name from iFit LIVE to iFit Coach. This was presumably to reflect a greater move towards more individualized training and recommendations.

(Note that older treadmills that worked with iFit LIVE will still work with the new iFit Coach – no update required.)


ifit Coach plus review


So with iFit Coach you can get many of the same things as with iFit LIVE but you now get a special iFit wearable.

This can help you track everything from you offline activity to your sleep patterns and calorie counts.

You also get personalized recommendations from iFit on your workouts, activity levels, calorie goals and even your sleep patterns. This is the type of next-generation training that people love now – geared towards helping you achieve your healthiest self ever.


ifit Coach Plus review
iFit Nutritional Recommendations


For example you can program in a calorie or activity goal. Then iFit can track your activity and workouts throughout the day and make adjustments to your workouts or meal plans to reach this goal for you!



So What is iFit Coach Plus?

iFit Coach Plus was introduced last year as the next level of iFit training. It added in live-streaming fitness classes every day.

These aren’t just treadmill-based workouts. You can get everything from HIIT training workouts to Yoga classes to stretching classes – right from your treadmill console.


ifit coach plus fitness classes


You also get HD fitness workout videos led by personal trainers that take you all over the world – from Santorini, Greece to the Swiss Alps.

Here’s a quick video example of these workouts:



As you can see, it’s pretty cool. You’ll be doing full body workout exercises in some of the most beautiful places in the world. And with tons of new workouts to try, you’ll never run out of new places to travel or things to do.


ifit coach plus
iFit Coach Plus on the Nordictrack X22i



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The Good News? No More iFit Coach Plus – You get it ALL with iFit Coach


While iFit Coach Plus used to be another (more expensive) level of iFit training, the good news is that Nordictrack/ICON simplified the two versions of iFit and now there’s only one version of iFit Coach – with everything included.

So everything you see that was included with iFit Coach Plus is now included with iFit Coach – and it’s available on EVERY current Nordictrack treadmill!


Learn More about Everything You Get with iFit Coach Here.


nordictrack treadmill ifit coach plus
iFit Coach on the Nordictrack 2950 Treadmill


Best Treadmill for iFit Coach?

So while it’s great news that all the Nordictrack treadmills this year give you iFit coach – but what if you’re looking for the ULTIMATE iFit treadmill?

No problem – there are two Nordictrack treadmills that simply blow other home treadmills out of the water.

Why? Because these two treadmill come with a massive 22-inch touch-screen in the treadmill console (see below).


nordictrack ifit coach treadmill
Nordictrack 2950 Treadmill Console


This makes it a lot more enjoyable to watch your daily workouts and take your daily fitness classes from your treadmill. It’s basically like have a massive HD TV screen in your treadmill console.

You can read the full reviews of the Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer here or the Nordictrack 2950 treadmill here.

Or for more views, videos and specs on each of these treadmills direct from the Manufacturer, check out the links below.


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nordictrack incline trainer vs max trainer
Nordictrack X22 Incline Trainer



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