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Incline Trainer – Pros and Cons

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Pros and Cons of the Nordictrack Incline Trainer Treadmill


Thinking about getting an incline trainer?

Nordictrack makes some of the most popular – and in my opinion, best value – incline trainers on the market. They put a lot into these machines.

incline trainer - pros and cons


These are a new upgraded breed of treadmill. They work like a treadmill – but have the perks of super-high inclines and even super deep declines for an enhanced training experience.

There are currently 2 different models – the X22i and the X32i incline trainers (see a comparison here).

(There have been older models like the X9i, X11i and X7i. However they have been discontinued and replaced by the upgraded X22i and X32i trainers)

You’ve probably heard a lot of about the benefits of these machines.

But what about the drawbacks? Are there any?

This post will give you a brief rundown of the incline trainer pros and cons to help you make up your mind. First the good stuff:


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Incline Trainer Pros:


#1 Burns Almost 5 Times the Calories

According to tests done by the manufacturer, you can burn almost 5 times more calories walking on an incline trainer than you would on a 0% incline treadmill.


incline trainer pros and cons


To give you an idea, you can burn 381 calories walking on a 40% incline for 20 minutes at 2.0 MPH (which is a very slow speed and workable for most people).

Compare this to burning 87 calories walking on a 0% incline for 20 minutes at 2.0 MPH and you’ll see it’s almost 5 times (or more exactly 4.4 times the calories – but that doesn’t sound as good in sales copy).

So, in theory at least, you have the ability to burn a lot more calories in less time on this kind of treadmill than on a regular kind of treadmill.


incline trainer pros cons


Or to put it into a time perspective, you can burn 381 calories walking at 40% at 2.0 MPH for 20 minutes or you can burn 381 calories walking at 0% at 2.0 MPH for 87 minutes. So that’s 20 minutes or 1 hour and 27 minutes – how long would you rather stay on your treadmill?

What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re looking to tighten, tone up and lose weight fast – this machine can get you there.

Think of it like a treadmill on steroids.



#2 Longer Belt

Older incline trainer models had much shorter belts as they were originally only meant to be used for walking. This is still the case with machines like the Treadclimber – very short belts.

Short belts mean you cannot run on them.


incline trainer pros and cons


But a few years ago, Nordic track added longer belts to the new models and now you can use it for walking or running – at whatever incline you want.



#3 Built-in HD Touch-Screen with iFit

The new models have extra-large, HD touch-screen consoles with iFit. So you can run famous trails all over the world and watch the scenery pass you by in the massive, full-color screen (very virtual reality).

You can also take a live fitness class from the comfort of your living room – or even take it at the same time as your friends!

This adds a whole new option for distracting and entertaining yourself while you workout.




#4 Decline

In addition to incline, you also get various levels of decline on these trainers – up to 6% on the new models which is more than Nordictrack Treadmills give you. So you have another great way to add some crosstraining to your workout.


incline trainer pros cons


Incline Trainer Pros and Cons – The Cons:


#1 Do Not Fold

Incline trainers – unlike most Nordictrack treadmills – do not fold up. Because of the limits of the high incline design, it’s just not possible to make them folding as well.

So if you’re looking for a folding model, you’d be better to go with a treadmill instead of an incline trainer.



#2 No Adjustable Cushioning

While the cushioning systems are excellent on the incline trainers, they are not adjustable like many of Nordictrack’s newer treadmills.

Some people really like the ability to turn the cushioning up for a softer feel or turn it down for a firmer, more road-like feel.



#3 Takes Some Time

Let’s get real here – you’re not going to hop on one of these things first time out and do 20 minutes at 40%. It’s just not going to happen.

While the potential to burn mega-calories is there – it will take some time to work up to it (unless you already mountain climb on a regular basis). So go slowly, knowing that your body will adapt and you will be able to do more and more high incline walking in time.


nordictrack incline trainer pros cons


So those are some incline trainer pros and cons to help you decide if an incline trainer is right for you. It can be a really cool machine that will help you lose weight much faster than a traditional treadmill.

But it’s not right for everyone. So take your time and go with a treadmill you really love! Good luck!

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