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Incline Trainer Weight Loss – Success Story #2

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incline trainer weight loss
Incline Trainer Calorie Burn

If you’re thinking about using a treadmill for super-fast weight loss, you’ve probably heard about the incline trainer.

These machines give you up to 40% incline and up to 6% decline for even more crosstraining options.

High inclines use more lower body muscles which really ramps up the calorie burn. So you’ll see results very quickly.

Plus with the upgraded iFit Coach now offering thousands of world-scenery workouts, working out just got a lot more fun.

The incline trainer can help you burn up to 5 times more calories vs a regular treadmill. So it’s the obvious choice if you’re looking to drop pounds fast.

The second incline trainer weight loss video success story is below. You’ll also see how the incline trainer works with iFit Coach to help move you even faster towards your goals:




Nordictrack is currently offering 3 different incline trainer models – the X11i, X22i and X32i.

They vary in terms of motor power, price and screen size.

However they all give you the super-high-calorie-burning 40-percent inclines. So you can get great results with any of them.

Plus if you use the link below you can compare them directly and even get a 1-year iFit Coach subscription included!


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nordictrack incline trainer weight loss
Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer