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Nordictrack 2950 vs X22i Treadmill Comparison – Which is Best? (Updated)

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Please Note: The Nordictrack 2950 treadmill model is no longer available and has been discontinued.

For a similar treadmill, check out the new Nordictrack 2450 Treadmill here.

For a similar treadmill comparison, check out the Nordictrack 2450 vs X22i Incline Trainer Comparison Here.

Because of this, the following review is out of date and may be inaccurate


Trying to compare the Nordictrack 2950 vs X22i incline trainer?  Wondering which is best for you?


nordictrack 2950 vs X22i incline trainer comparison
Nordictrack 2950 Treadmill

These are both high-end, premium treadmills (or incline trainer in the case of the X22i) with a lot of the same popular features like super-tough motors, extra-long running decks and decline.

They are both iFit compatible – so you can connect to iFit and run trails all over the world or take a new fitness class from your treadmill every day.

However, the place where they both really shine is in the console.

Both treadmills come with a 22” Smart HD Touchscreen in the console. The HD touch screen console is more like an extra-large tablet built into your treadmill that lets you control everything from there including your speed, incline etc.

You can also watch iFit workout videos or take iFit Livecast classes direct from your treadmill.


Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer


That sounds amazing – but what about putting these two treadmills head-to-head? How do they compare?

Well there are some key differences between them that you should know before you buy.

This post will help you compare the Nordictrack 2950 vs X22i treadmills to help you find the best one for your needs. So let’s dive in:



Nordictrack 2950 vs X22i – Price


While neither of these models can exactly be seen as “cheap”, the Commercial 2950 treadmill does have the slight edge here. It comes in a little more affordable at around $2699 with a special iFit deal here.

The Nordictrack X22i runs a bit more – as it’s a top-of-the line incline trainer with a few more perks than the 2950 treadmill.

You can get the Nordictrack X22i for around $2999 with Free Shipping direct from the Manufacturer here.

So is the X22i worth the extra? Let’s find out.


nordictrack x22i vs 2950 treadmill



Nordictrack 2950 vs X22i Comparison – Calorie Burning


One of the main differences between the two treadmills is in the level of incline you get. The X22i is a specialty type of treadmill called an incline trainer. These types of treadmills give you very high inclines. The X22i gives you inclines of up to 40% which is amazing.

The Commercial 2950 treadmill only goes up to 15% – which still decent, but nowhere near the 40% you get with the X22i.

So what’s the benefit of super-high inclines? Basically – super-high calorie burning.


nordictrack 2950 vs x22i comparison


According to the manufacturer you can burn up to 5 times more calories walking on an incline trainer than on a regular treadmill. So if you want to see weight loss results very quickly, an incline trainer is the better option.

It also gives you more room to grow. As your fitness level improves, you can easily top out at the 15% incline and have nowhere to go. Obviously, you won’t have this problem on the incline trainer.


nordictrack x22 incline trainer
Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer



Nordictrack 2950 or X22i? Decline Options


The decline options are also different on these two treadmills. The Nordictrack 2950 treadmill gives you up to 3% decline – which is pretty good (and not something you find on a lot of treadmills these days).


nordictrack x22i vs 2950 treadmill

However the Nordictrack X22i goes one better and gives you up to 6% decline. So you get better crosstraining options with this model.

It’s also fair to note that both the Nordictrack 2950 and X22i treadmills integrate with iFit Coach to mimic the terrain of the trails that you’re running (whether you’re running the streets of Paris or along the shores of Greece). So you get a bit more of a virtual reality feel with the deeper decline on the X22i model.


nordictrack X22 vs 2950 treadmill
Nordictrack 2950 Treadmill



Nordictrack X22i vs 2950 Treadmill – Cushioning

There are two different types of cushioning on these treadmills. The X22i uses Reflex Deck Cushioning.

This flexes as you step down and helps to return energy to your stride as you walk. This protects your joints and reduces post-workout fatigue.


nordictrack 2950 vs x22i comparison



The 2950 uses Runners Flex adjustable cushioning. With this system you can actually adjust the firmness of the deck – from a softer, more protective surface to a harder, more road-like feel.

They’re both good systems, it just depends whether you want to be able to adjust your deck cushioning or not.



nordictrack x22i or 2950 treadmill
Nordictrack 2950 Treadmill Folding


Need A Folding Treadmill?

The X22i, because of the limits of the incline trainer design, does not fold up. The Nordictrack 2950 treadmill does fold up with shock-assisted folding to save the strain on your back.

So if you need a folding treadmill, then the Commercial 2950 is definitely the better option.

Also note that while both treadmills are quite heavy, the Nordictrack 2950 is not as heavy as the X22i incline trainer (360 lbs vs 417 lbs). So while they will both be difficult to move, the 2950 treadmill will be easier to move around (especially when coupled with the fact that it folds up.




Need Extra Storage Space?


The Nordictrack 2950 also has a stability bar under the console (see the pic above). This offers extra storage where you can put your keys, phone, remote etc.

The X22i incline trainer doesn’t have the extra bar under the console. So you lose out a bit on storage here. It’s not a huge thing – but some people really do like the extra storage bar on their treadmill.

What the X22i does have however is the added arm bar above the console (see below). This is especially handy when you’re walking at high inclines since you have something to steady yourself.



Nordictrack 2950 vs x22i comparison
Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer Console


Motor Power Differences

There is a slight difference in motor power when comparing the Nordictrack 2950 and X22i incline trainer.

While both treadmills give you more than enough motor to handle long, intense workouts, the X22i incline trainer comes in with an impressive 4.0 CHP motor power. The Nordictrack 2950 treadmill outdoes it slightly however with a 4.25 CHP motor power.

Again, this isn’t a huge different and most people won’t care – but it might be worth knowing if you really want the stronger motor power available.



Bottom Line?

So which machine is better for you – the Nordictrack 2950 or X22i?

Well, the X22i has the advantage of the higher incline which lets you burn calories faster. It also has a deeper decline for better crosstraining.

The Commercial 2950 treadmill however does have a few advantages as well, like the adjustable cushioning, more affordable price and the ability to fold up.

So it really comes down to what you’re looking for at the end of the day.

Either way, if you use the links below, you’ll get a Full Family iFit membership included with your treadmill for a limited time (good for up to 4 different family members).


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nordictrack 2950 vs X22i incline trainer comparison
Nordictrack 2950 Treadmill


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nordictrack x22i vs 2450 treadmill
Nordictrack X22 Incline Trainer


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