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Nordictrack AirGlide 14i Elliptical – A Good Buy for You?

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nordictrack airglide 14i elliptical trainerThe Nordictrack AirGlide 14i Elliptical is a brand new, premium elliptical trainer introduced this year.

It’s built with an extra-large, 14-inch touch screen which will give you a more immersive, fun training experience.

Plus it’s one of the few elliptical trainers with both incline and decline.

This gives you more ways to crosstrain your lower body and burn extra calories per workout.

Is the Nordictrack AirGlide 14i elliptical a good buy for you?

Here’s a review of what to know before buying:


Nordictrack AirGlide14i Specs:

Price: $1799 + Click for Free Gift

Style: Front-Drive

Flywheel: 32 lbs

Stride Length: 17.5 – 18.5 Inches

Incline: up to 15% Incline and 5% Decline

Folding? No

Warranty: 10 Year Frame, 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor



Nordictrack AirGlide 14i Elliptical Review – Benefits:


Full Color, Touch-Screen HD Console

The HD console is full color and touch-screen sensitive. It’s one of the largest elliptical console screens you can find – at 14-inches across.

So it’s a lot more fun to watch the iFit world trail runs and take the fitness classes through your console screen.

The screen also tilts – so you can find the best viewing angle for you.

And to further enhance the experience, there are 2 two-inch digitally amplified speakers in the console. So you can easily follow the iFit instructor or listen to your favorite workout tunes through the console.



Incline and Decline

Finding an elliptical trainer with incline can be hard – but a lot of people prefer to have it. Why?

Incline changes the slope of your running path – forcing you to work different lower body muscles. This is a great way to add crosstraining and get the most optimal workout for your time.

The Nordictrack Airglide 14i elliptical comes with up to 15% incline – giving you plenty of room to grow.

Plus you also get decline on this machine! You get up to 5% decline to add even more crosstraining to your workout.

The Air Glide 14i incline/decline also comes with Autoadjust technology. This basically means that the elliptical adjusts automatically to the terrain that you’re running – for a more virtual reality training feel.

Or it can respond to the workout class you’re taking. The trainer can adjust it for you – you don’t need to do anything – for a more hands-off experience.



Heavy, 32-Pound Flywheel

A heavier flywheel helps to give you a more smooth-feeling elliptical stride – especially between resistance transitions.

A heavier flywheel also helps to anchor the machine for a more stable-feeling workout.

The 32-pound flywheel is one of the heaviest flywheels that Nordictrack puts on their machines and it’s pretty impressive.

Compare it to, for example, the Nordictrack SE9i model which has an 18-pound flywheel and you’ll see it’s a pretty big difference.



Travel the World With iFit

iFit Coach connects your elliptical trainer to the Internet using the Wifi in your home. From there you can track your workout progress over time to see how far you’ve come and set new goals.

You can also run or walk famous trails from all over the world. You can strolls the streets of Paris or hike up the Swiss Alps. You can even run the Boston Marathon and take in the sites along the way.

Need some extra challenge? Can’t get to the gym?

No problem.

Take a live or streaming studio fitness class right from the comfort of your own home



The trainer can control your AirGlide elliptical incline or speed for you throughout the workout for a seamless class experience (you can also override this if you choose).

With the Live classes there’s also a leaderboard where you can see your stats or compete with your friends in real time. It’s the next best thing to taking a class at the gym with your friends.

iFit Coach basically opens the door to new training options, which means you’ll ultimately get more out of your crosstrainer.

Plus, as of this writing, if you get the Nordictrack Airglide 14i direct from the Manufacturer through the link below, you’ll get a Full family membership to iFit included for a short time. So you can try it out first and see if you like it!


Click Here to Get iFit Included With the AirGlide 14i



Active Pulse Technology

The Nordictrack 14i AirGlide elliptical also gives you something called Active Pulse technology. This is an option you can use that automatically controls the elliptical trainers speed or incline based on your heart rate.

The goal is to help you stay in your optimal heart-rate zone as you train – without you having to actively monitor it yourself.

(Note: You will need to buy the wireless heart rate monitor to use this feature).



Moving – and Stationary – Arm Bars

You can work your upper body with the moving arm bars on the AirGlide 14i trainer. Or you can rest your upper body and just grasp the stationary arm bars attached to the console.

This is worth mentioning since some elliptical trainers – like the Freestride ellipticals – only come with moving arm bars and not stationary bars.




Nordictrack 14i AirGlide – Any Drawbacks?

No EKG Heart Rate Monitor

While this trainer will work with a wireless heart rate monitor, the EKG hand grip pulse sensor is not included on the arm bars.


Hard-To-Reach Water Bottle Holder

While Nordictrack has included a water bottle holder under the console, we found that it can be hard to reach. You may have to stop your workout to reach down and get it – which can be awkward.


nordictrack airglide 14i elliptical trainer review


Bottom Line?

If you want to try a premium front-drive crosstrainer with all the bells and whistles – you may want to consider the new AirGlide 14i Nordictrack elliptical.

It gives you a much larger screen that many other front drive trainers. So you can see your workout stats, world trails or workout classes in large, living color.

With the heavier flywheel on this unit, you also get a smoother, more stable-feeling ride. And the incline-decline option gives you multiple ways to crosstrain your lower body and get more from your workouts.


Where to Buy and Save

You can get the new Nordictrack Air Glide 14i crosstrainer direct from the Manufacturer here and this will include the iFit membership (for a limited time).

You can also get a free gift with purchase (as of this writing) and see detailed specs before you buy.


Click For A Special Offer on the AirGlide 14i


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