Nordictrack C970 Pro Treadmill Review – Right for You?

Is the Nordictrack C970 Treadmill A Good Buy For You?


Please Note: The Nordictrack C970 Pro treadmill has been discontinued and is no longer being sold in stores. A similar model is the Nordictrack EXP7i treadmill with several upgrades over the Nordictrack 970 – for a similar price – Read the Full Review Here.


nordictrack C970 pro treadmill review
Nordictrack C970 Treadmill

The Nordictrack C970 Pro treadmill is a newly released, starter treadmill for 2016.

It replaces the older 2014 model with a few new upgrades like the tablet holder above the console, stronger 3.25 HP motor and adjustable cushioning.

You also get a bright, backlit console with scrolling message board and dual fans to keep you cool.

Is it right for you? Here’s a review of the pros and cons of the Nordictrack 970 Pro to help you decide:




nordictrack 970 treaadmill console



The Basics:

Price: $1299 + Free Shipping

Motor: 3.25 HP

Incline: 0 – 15%

Speed: 0 – 12 MPH

User Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

Folding? Yes

Built-In Workouts: 32

Warranty: Lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty, 3-Year Parts Warranty, 1-Year Labor Warranty



nordictrack C970 Pro treadmill console



Nordictrack C970 Pro Treadmill Review – The Pros:


Solid Basics

treadmill motorThe C970 treadmills gives you some excellent “basics” you often don’t find in a starter treadmill.

For example you get a strong 3.25 HP motor that will easily power you through longer, heavier workouts.

You also get up to 12 MPH speed limit and if you want to build in some calorie-blasting intervals, you can get up to 15% incline.

The treadmill also folds up with shock-assisted folding mechanism to save you space – and the strain on your back.



console on Nordictrack 970 treadmill


Bright Backlit Console

The console window is bright and backlit with a scrolling message board to lead you through your workout paces. There’s also has an iPod dock with speakers so you can listen to your favorite tunes as you workout.

And to keep you cool, there’s also a dual speed console fan.







Tablet Holder Above Console

Nordictrack added an adjustable tablet holder above the console of this treadmill. You can use this to watch your favorite shows or movies while you walk.

You can also connect to iFit LIVE and watch the road scenes in full color.


nordictrack 970 treaadmill console




Adjustable Cushioning

The Nordictrack C970 Pro comes with an adjustable cushioning option. For a firmer, more road-like feel you can turn the cushioning down. Or for more cushioning protection for your joints, just turn the cushioning up.



nordictrack C970 Treadmill belt



iFit LIVE Compatible

iFit LIVE connects your treadmill to the Internet and from there you can do all sorts of wild and wonderful things. You can download new workout programs – including some from Jillian Michaels where she coaches you through the program.

You can also track your workouts over time, set new goals and see how far you’ve come.



ifit LIVE


You can also choose to run famous trails all over the world like Paris or Hawaii. Or map out new trails yourself using Googlemaps and watch landmarks pass you by in the tablet screen.



nordictrack c970 with ifit live



32 Built-In Workouts

There are 32 built in workouts that come with the treadmill that change your speed and incline automatically to fit the program. So even if you don’t want to try iFit, this is a great option to keep you challenged.


nordictrack c970 pro treadmill review




Nordictrack C970 Pro Treadmill Review – Cons:


iFit LIVE Subscription Required

While the C970 treadmill works fine without iFit LIVE, if you want to try out all the benefits of iFit then you’ll need a subscription.



Dual Color Console

The console is a bit more simplistic than Nordictrack’s other consoles. It is only dual color (not multi color). Plus it’s small – and it might be a bit hard to read for some people. But for the price point, it’s still pretty good.


nordictrack 970 folding treadmill


Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for an affordable starter treadmill with solid construction and a few nice extra entertainment options, you may want to consider the Nordictrack 970 treadmill.

It’s a bit outdated with a smaller, rather bulky-looking console. And doesn’t have some of the extras you get with Nordictrack’s other models. But for the price point, it’s a fair value.



Where To Save:

You can get the Nordictrack C970 Pro treadmill direct from the Manufacturer here. You can also get Free Shipping to your home, which will save you about $150 and see the full treadmill specs.


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nordictrack C970 pro treadmill review
Nordictrack C970 Treadmill