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Nordictrack C990 vs C1650 Treadmill Comparison – Updated for 2018

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Trying to choose between the Nordictrack C990 vs C1650 Treadmill? Wondering which is best for you?


nordictrack c990 vs1650 treadmill comparison
Nordictrack 990 Treadmill


Both treadmills give you several features you don’t often find on similarly priced treadmills – like the multi-color, HD console, over 12,000 iFit Coach workout videos and a longer belt so you can stretch out and run.

The Nordictrack C990 is a strong starter treadmill with several “Best Buy” awards under its belt. It’s been so popular that Nordictrack has kept it around (with various updates) for over 4 years now.

The C1650 is the next step up – not quite a mid-range treadmill but tougher than your average starter model.

The 1650 treadmill is kind of the hidden gem in the Norditrack lineup. Everyone writes about the C990 or the famous Commercial 1750 treadmill – but forgets about the C1650 (which is a good thing since it keeps the price down).


nordictrack 1650 vs 990 treadmill
Nordictrack 1650 Treadmill


Since they look so similar to each other, you may be wondering – “What’s the Difference between them?”

This post will show you the key differences between the Nordictrack C990 vs C1650 treadmill (Note this is for the 2018 models – 2016 and 2017 models are different and will not apply to this comparison).



Nordictrack C990 vs C1650 Treadmill – Price

The Nordictrack C990 is the more affordable treadmill – coming in around $999 with Free Shipping here. If you’re on a budget that makes the C990 the more attractive choice.

The Nordictrack C1650 is still quite reasonable however coming in around $1399 with Free shipping here.


Nordictrack 990 vs 1650 Treadmill
Nordictrack 1650 Treadmill Folded




Nordictrack C990 vs C1650 – Console


The Nordictrack C990 comes with a 7-inch, touch-screen, color console – seen below.


Nordictrack 990 vs 1650 treadmill
Nordictrack 990 Console



This is pretty cool since you can see your workout stats – or watch iFit scenery in full color as you run.

The Nordictrack C1650 treadmill also gives you the full-color console – but it’s larger – a full 10 inches across – seen below.


nordictrack c990 vs c1650 treadmill
Nordictrack 1650 Treadmill Console


So with the larger console on the 1650 treadmill it’s easier to read your workout stats and watch your iFit workout videos. It’s kind of like having a phone or a larger computer console – everything is easier to read.



Nordictrack 990 vs 1650 Treadmill – Motor Power


treadmill motorThe Nordictrack C1650 treadmill also comes with a more powerful motor than the Nordictrack C990 treadmill: 3.5 HP vs 3.0 HP.

So it can stand up a bit better to intense or longer workouts.

It would also be the better option if you have multiple users in your home or if you’re planning to run on a regular basis.




Nordictrack 990 vs 1650 – Stability

The Nordictrack 1650 has a bit more substance and weight to it – which makes it a bit more stable. The user weight capacity is also higher at 325 pounds vs 300 pounds on the Nordictrack 990 model.

This isn’t a huge difference – but if you plan on running a fair bit, it might be worth considering.



Nordictrack C990 vs 1650 treadmill
Nordictrack C990 Treadmill Console



Nordictrack C990 vs C1650 Treadmill – Built In Workouts


The Nordictrack C1650 comes with a few more built-in workouts than the C990 treadmill: 34 vs 32.

This isn’t a huge difference. Plus, if you get either model direct from the Manufacturer, you can currently get a 1-year iFit membership included with your treadmill (more on iFit below).


nordictrack 990 treadmill review
iFit Workout in Santorini


iFit has over 12,000 workout videos you can download. So the difference in built-in workouts might not really matter to you considering the iFit options.



Nordictrack C990 vs C1650 Treadmill – iFit

iFit coach connects your treadmill to the Internet. From there you can take online fitness classes right from your treadmill, track your activity over time and even run trails all over the world – from Hawaii to Paris to New Zealand.

You’ll see the actual scenery and landmarks in the console screen as you run or walk – giving more of a virtual reality feel to your treadmill workout.


Nordictrack 990 vs 1650 treadmill
Nordictrack 1650 with iFit Coach


Both treadmills are compatible with iFit – with one big difference. Since the console on the C1650 treadmill is larger (see pic above), your scenery and iFit workout videos are a lot easier to see and thus might be a bit more enjoyable for you, especially during longer workouts.




Nordictrack 990 vs 1650 Treadmill – Warranty Protection


You get better warranty protection on the Nordictrack C1650 treadmill vs the C990 treadmill. The C1650 gives you a Lifetime Frame and Motor Warranty, 5 years on parts and 2 years on labor.

The C990 treadmill gives you the Lifetime Frame and Motor Warranty, 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

The 2 year labor warranty alone is a great find since labor can really cost you if you have to service your treadmill.


nordictrack c990 vs c1650 treadmill
Nordictrack 990 Treadmill



Nordictrack C990 vs C1650 Treadmill – Bottom Line?


So which treadmill is best for you? That really depends on your budget, goals and workout preferences. Both treadmills pack a lot of value into their respective price points.

The Nordictrack C990 is one of the best starter treadmills under $1000 on the market right now, especially with the full-color console, long deck and Free iFit membership.

But the C1650 does give you a slightly stronger motor. longer warranty and a larger console (which can make your workouts more enjoyable). So it depends on what you’re looking for.

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nordictrack 1650 vs 990 treadmill
Nordictrack 1650 Treadmill


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nordictrack 990 vs 1650 Treadmill
Nordictrack 990 Treadmill