Nordictrack Elite 1000 vs EXP10i Treadmill Comparison – Which is Best for You?

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Please Note: The Nordictrack Elite 1000 treadmill is no longer available and has been discontinued.

A similar treadmill is the upgraded Nordictrack EXP7i Treadmill.

You can read a similar review of the Nordictrack EXP7i vs EXP10i Treadmill here.

Also note that because the Elite 1000 is no longer available, the following comparison is NOT up to date.


Trying to compare between the Nordictrack Elite 1000 vs EXP10i Treadmill?

Wondering which is the best option for you?


nordictrack elite 1000 treadmill review
Nordictrack Elite 1000 Treadmill

These are both affordable, mid-range treadmills with some very attractive perks.

Both give you the same sized, 10-inch, full-color, HD consoles where you can connect with iFit and run trails all over the world, or take fitness classes from your home.

They both also fold up to save space with wheels on the bottom for easy movement.

The Elite 1000 is getting harder to find and Nordictrack doesn’t seem (right now) to be continuing to sell it. The EXP10i is part of their popular EXP series of treadmills and it should be around for a while.


nordictrack exp10i vs EXP14i
Nordictrack EXP10i Treadmill

So which is right for you?

This post will show you the key differences between the Nordictrack Elite 1000 vs EXP10i treadmill so you can find the best model for you.

Let’s dive in:



Nordictrack Elite 1000 vs EXP10i –  Price

Prices tend to jump around on these two treadmills. But in general they come in at similar prices.

As of this writing the Nordictrack EXP10i treadmill is a bit more affordable. You can get it for around $1599 with Free Shipping here.

The Elite 1000 treadmill comes in a bit higher.  You can usually find it around $1699 plus shipping, depending on where you’re buying it.

So from a budget perspective, the EXP10i treadmill has a slight edge. But again, it depends on time of year, sales prices etc.


Nordictrack Elite 1000 Treadmill


Nordictrack EXP10i vs Elite 1000 – Console

As stated above, both treadmills give you full-color, HD, touch-screen consoles that come in at 10-inches across.

There’s a slight difference in the layout, which may or may not matter to you. The Elite 1000 console – seen below – has the one-touch incline and speed buttons under the screen:


Nordictrack Elite 1000


The Nordictrack EXP10i treadmill has them on either side of the screen:


nordictrack exp10i vs 1750 commercial treadmill
Nordictrack EXP 10i Console

One really isn’t better than another. But a lot of people like to compare them against each other before making the final decision.

Overall though, the consoles are very similar and there isn’t really a clear advantage of one treadmill over another.



Nordictrack Elite 1000 vs EXP10i: Motor

The Elite 1000 treadmill gives you a respectable 3.0 CHP motor, which is pretty good at this price point.

However the Nordictrack EXP10i comes in with a stronger 3.5 CHP motor power. So – other things being equal – the EXP10i treadmill can hold up better for runners, longer workouts and multiple-user families.


Nordictrack EXP 10i vs Proform Pro 2000 comparison
Nordictrack EXP 10i Treadmill


Nordictrack EXP 10i vs Elite 1000: Incline/Decline

The Elite 1000 gives you from 0 to 12% incline. This is pretty good, considering it’s a mid-range model.

But the Nordictrack EXP10i treadmill gives you more. You still get up to 12% incline – but you also get 3% decline.

The decline features is a great way to “rest” and walk downhill after an intense interval. And many people like the extra crosstraining option it gives them.

Also note that on both treadmills, the incline/decline functions work with iFit to mimic the world trail that you’re running. So with the extra decline on the EXP10i treadmill, it gives you just a bit more of an immersive feel to the world trail runs.


Nordictrack Elite 1000 Treadmill

Placement of Storage Bar

This may seem like a small thing. But it’s worth noting. The Nordictrack EXP10i has the storage bar placed higher up – closer to the console.

The Elite 1000 has the storage bar lower. If you’re shorter you may find that this is a bit of a reach for you if you’re occasionally grabbing the TV remote or your phone.

You may find that the EXP10i storage bar, being closer to the console, is easier to reach and a bit more convenient overall.


Nordictrack EXP10i Treadmill


Nordictrack Elite 1000 or EXP10i – Cushioning

The EXP10i also comes with another advantage over the Elite 1000 – Flexselect Cushioning.

With this type of cushioning you can adjust the firmness of the deck. Turn it up or more cushioning protection. Or turn it down for a more road-running feel.

The Elite 1000 doesn’t offer this adjustable cushioning option.



Elite 1000 vs EXP 10i Treadmill: Active Pulse

The Elite 1000 treadmill comes with Nordictrack’s new ActivePulse Cardio Cruise Heart Rate Control.

This is a function whereby the treadmill automatically controls the speed or incline for you to maintain your optimal heart-rate zone.


elite 1000 treadmill review

You don’t have to worry about a thing – the treadmill does it all for you to keep you in your optimal heart rate zone. So if you’re looking for a hands-free workout based on staying in your target heart rate zone, it’s a great option.

(Note that you do have to buy the heart rate arm band separately to use this feature.)

The Nordictrack EXP10i treadmill, as of this writing, does not have this option (although it does have a heart rate feature).



Bottom Line?

So which is better when comparing the Nordictrack Elite 1000 vs EXP10i treadmill?

Both treadmills give you the ability to run trails all over the world or take live fitness classes from home with iFit.

The Elite 1000 gives you everything you need for a great home workout including incline, iFit programs, full-color touchscreen and a decent motor. It also comes with the Active Pulse heart rate program that you don’t get on the EXP10i treadmill.

However, overall the EXP10i treadmill outshines it with a better motor, the addition of decline and adjustable cushioning.

Regardless of which you choose, check out the links below for more information on either treadmill.


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