Nordictrack Elite vs X32i Treadmill Comparison – Which is Best for You?

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Please Note: The Nordictrack Elite treadmill is no longer available and has been discontinued. A similar treadmill to the Elite treadmill is the Nordictrack X22i Incline trainer.

For a similar treadmill comparison, check out our post on the Nordictrack X22i vs X32i incline trainer teadmill here.

Because of this, please keep in mind that the following comparison is not up-to-date.


Trying to decide between the Nordictrack Elite vs X32i Treadmill? How are they different?

And which one should you choose?


Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer Review
Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer

A lot of people get confused because of the name: The X32i is often called an incline trainer (and only sometimes a treadmill). Nordictrack calls the Elite model a treadmill.

However both machines give you up to 40% inclines and deeper declines than standard treadmills. So they’re very similar machines – and technically the Elite treadmill is what you would normally think of as an “incline trainer”.

Why the difference? My guess is that Nordictrack wants to get away from the “incline trainer” label and just call all of their models treadmills to keep things easier for buyers.

The Nordictrack X32i incline trainer has been out – and garnering rave reviews – for about 3 years now (with updates). It was the only treadmill in the Nordictrack lineup with a massive 32-inch screen – until the Elite Treadmill came out.

The Nordictrack Elite treadmill is brand new to the market this year with an upgraded design and look.


Nordictrack Elite Treadmill

So what’s the difference between them – and which is best for you?

This post will show you the main differences between the Nordictrack X32i vs Elite treadmills to help you decide.

(Note: This post will compare the X32i treadmill to the Elite treadmill with the 32-inch console. While you can get the Elite treadmill with a 22-inch screen for a slightly lower price, we’ll be sticking to the Elite model with the 32-inch screen – just to compare apples to apples.)


nordictrack X22i vs X32i comparison


Nordictrack Elite vs 32i – Price


As of this writing, the Nordictrack X32i incline trainer is the more affordable model coming in around $3999 with Free Shipping direct from the Manufacturer here.

The Elite treadmill with the 32-inch screens comes in higher at around $4499 direct from the Manufacturer here.

So while both treadmills are premium models, the X32i treadmill is a bit more affordable.



Nordictrack Elite vs X32i Treadmill: Design

You probably noticed that these two treadmills have different designs. Let’s start with the console.

The X32i has the traditional home-treadmill-style console where the viewing screen is attached to the main console. It lays lower as seen here:


Nordictrack X32i Console

The Elite treadmill has a more modern, health-club design (not surprising since it’s newer to the market than the X32i).

The screen is raised and detached from the main console (which has been lowered). It’s more like a tv-style screen, sitting higher and more vertical, as seen here:


Nordictrack Elite Treadmill

For this reason, you might find the Elite treadmill console a bit easier to read since you’re not looking down as much. The screen is more in your eye-line.

The screen on the Elite treadmill also swivels and turns 180 degrees. So you can turn it and continue your training off the treadmill.  You can’t do this with the Nordictrack X32i trainer. The screen will tilt up and down – but it doesn’t swivel or turn.


Nordictrack Elite Treadmill


Another Design Difference:

You might also notice the difference in the base design. The X32i has two side bars supporting the console with an H-style design:


Nordictrack X32i Review
Nordictrack X32i Trainer


The Elite has one central, thicker bar supporting the console with a I-style design:


Nordictrack Elite Treadmill

This base design on the Elite treadmill is a more modern, gym-style look. Because it’s so new however, it’s hard to tell if there’s really a mechanical difference or benefit to the more modern design.

There’s also a difference in machine weight between the Nordictrack Elite vs X32i treadmills that you should know.

The X32i incline trainer is quite heavy at 462 pounds.

However the Elite treadmill is even heavier at 520 pounds. So while the extra weight might help it feel a bit more stable, it will also be harder to move around.

(Neither treadmill is easy to move – so you definitely want to plan ahead and know exactly where you plan to put them before you order).



Nordictrack X32i vs Elite – Incline/Decline

Both the Nordictrack X32i and the Elite treadmill give you up to 40% incline – which is great for high calorie burning.

However the X32i treadmill gives you up to 6% decline vs the Elite treadmill which gives you up to 5% decline.

It’s not a huge difference. But you just get a little more decline with the X32i treadmill.


Nordictrack x32i vs peloton treadmill comparison
Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer


Nordictrack Elite vs X32i: Step On Height

Nordictrack lowered the step-on height of the deck on the Elite treadmill. So the deck is a bit lower to the ground on this treadmill vs the Nordictrack X32i.

This makes it easier to get on and off the machine. Again, this isn’t a deal breaker But it’s a nice touch that you don’t find on the X32i unit.


Nordictrack Elite Treadmill


Motor Power Differences

The Nordictrack X32i incline trainer comes with a higher motor power than the Elite treadmill: 4.25 CHP vs 3.6 CHP.

This difference is probably because you need a stronger motor on the traditionally-designed incline trainers like the X32i to power the higher incline. However if you’re looking for the bottom line when it comes to motor power – the X32i has the stronger motor.



Both treadmills give you the Smart Response Drive system on the motor.

This is basically an upgrade on the standard treadmill motor – it responds faster to changes you (or the iFit programs) make when running. You’ll notice this especially when doing the iFit classes or running iFit world trails for example – the treadmill will just seem more responsive.


Nordictrack Elite Treadmill


Nordictrack Elite vs X32i: Footprint

There’s a small difference in the size between the two treadmills. The X32i measures 76.5 inches x 40 inches. The Nordictrack Elite measures 81 inches x 38 inches.

So the X32i trainer is almost 5 inches shorter lengthwise. However the Nordictrack Elite is 2 inches narrower. Again, not a huge difference – but if space is limited in your workout area, you may want to know this.


X32i Incline and Decline


Bottom Line?

So what’s the bottom line when comparing the Nordictrack Elite vs X32i Treadmills?

Well, the X32i is the more affordable treadmill and has a stronger motor with a deeper decline option.

The Elite treadmill however is a new, upgraded design with lower step-on height. It has an easier-to read, pivoting screen and comes in slightly heavier – helping to add to the stability of the machine.

Is there a clear winner?

Not really. At the end of the day, both machines are pretty impressive. Either one will give you a much more immersive, enjoyable training experience and help you burn calories faster.

It really comes down to your preferences, budget and goals.

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