Nordictrack EXP 7i Treadmill – A Good Buy for You?

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Pros and Cons of the Nordictrack EXP7i Treadmill


The Nordictrack EXP 7i treadmill is currently one of the most affordable iFit treadmills in the Nordictrack lineup.

While it’s been around for a few years now, it was updated for 2023 with a new streamlined look, tilting console design and a media shelf for your tablet or phone.

It also comes iFit compatible. So you can get live online training, take classes or run famous trails all over the world.

Is the Nordictrack EXP 7i treadmill a good choice for you?

Here’s a review of what you need to know:


Treadmill Specs:

Price: $1199 + Click for Special iFit Offer

Motor: 2.6 CHP

Incline: 0 – 12%

Belt: 20 x 55″

User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Console Size: 7 Inches

Folding? Yes

Warranty: 10 Year Frame, 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor


Nordictrack EXP7i Console


Nordictrack EXP 7i Treadmill Review – Benefits:


7-Inch, Full-Color, HD Console

The Nordictrack EXP7i  treadmill comes with a7-inch, full-color, HD, touch-screen console. So you can see your workout stats in full color with a swipe of your finger.

The HD console can also help make the iFit world trail workouts come alive as you run (more on iFit below).

Nordictrack also updated the EXP7i model this year with a more ergonomically-friendly tilting console. You can easily tilt the screen to get a better viewing angle of the iFit scenery

It also gives you 2 digitally amplified speakers and Bluetooth audio capabilities. So you can sync your favorite wireless headphones to your treadmill and listen to your iFit trainer or the workout music, completely undistracted.

And to stay cool as you walk or run, there’s also a dual-speed workout fan.



Media Shelf

Nordictrack also added a media shelf to the console – which is a nice touch. It may see like a small thing. But this allows you to add in your own tablet or phone and watch it as you walk or run.

So if you don’t want to watch iFit – but would rather watch Youtube, Netflix etc, you can do it by using the media shelf with your tablet or phone.



Travel the World with iFit

The Nordictrack EXP 7i comes iFit compatible.  With iFit you can connect your treadmill online using the Wifi in your home.

From there you can run trails all over the world – from the shores of Hawaii to the streets of Paris.


iFit Workout in Santorini


Take a walking tour through Florence or explore the pyramids in Egypt. There are guided tours and workouts as well as series (so you can return to the places that you love).

Don’t want to take a guided workout? No problem.

Use the Googlemaps feature to map out a trail of your own and hit go! You’ll watch the scenery pass you by in the console window as you walk!




iFit LIVE and Streaming Workouts

Take a new workout from the comfort of your living room every day with the iFit studio workouts.

Take a high-energy studio fitness class from your treadmill console. These workouts also include yoga, boot camps, HIIT training, strength training and more.

There are over 16,000 pre-recorded workouts in the iFit library – so you’ll never run out of new things to do!


You can also try the new LIVE streaming class option to follow your favorite trainer in real time. Or take the class at the same time as your friends and track your stats in real time.

Another benefit with an iFit membership is that you can have up to 4 family members using it. So the whole family can find something they like to do on this treadmill.

The best part?

If you get the Nordictrack EXP7i treadmill through the link below, you can get a Full iFit Membership included with your treadmill for a short time.

So you can try it out to see if you like it (Note you don’t need iFit to use this treadmill – it’s more like an add-on service if you want it).


Click to Try iFit on the Nordictrack EXP7i



Add Challenge with Incline

Although it’s not the highest incline you’ll get on a treadmill, with EXP7i still gives you a decent 12% incline. This is great for adding in some extra fat-burning intervals and challenges.

Plus the treadmill will incline to match the terrain of the world trail you’re running with iFit – giving you more of a virtual reality feel.




Folding To Save Space

The treadmill folds up easily and locks into place to save you space. It’s also a shock-assisted lift to save the strain on your back.

And there are wheels on the bottom of the frame, making it easy to fold it up and roll the treadmill out of the way without too much hassle.



Nordictrack EXP7i Review – Any Drawbacks?


Belt Length

Nordictrack unfortunately shortened the belt a bit on this model from 60 inches down to 55 inches. It’s not a deal breaker – and most people should be fine. But if you’re over 6 feet and plan on running, you may want to upgrade to a treadmill with a 60-inch belt.



While the console is well laid out and the HD touch-screen is very cool, it’s 7-inches across. So it’s not the largest console that Nordictrack makes – but it’s pretty good for a starter treadmill.

If you want a larger screen, you may want to go to the 10-inch screen on the EXP10i model.



Bottom Line?

The EXP7i offers some fun features for a starter treadmill that can help you have a more enjoyable workout. Run world trails with iFit or take a new fitness class from your home every day.

It doesn’t come with as many bells and whistles as Nordictrack’s Commercial models or the higher-end EXP models.

Still, for this price point, it’s a fair trade off. And it still gives you everything you need for a fun, effective workout.



Where To Buy and Save:

You can get a Special iFit offer with this treadmill direct from the Manufacturer here.

You can also see the full treadmill stats and get Free Shipping to your home.


Click to Shop for the Nordictrack 7i EXP





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