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Nordictrack EXP10i vs 1250 Treadmill – Which is Best for You?

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Trying to compare the Nordictrack EXP10i vs 1250 Commercial treadmills?

Wondering which is best for you?


Nordictrack EXP10i Treadmill

These two mid-range treadmills are very similar in price.

They also both give you iFit-compatible, full-color, HD touch-screen consoles. So you can explore world-famous trails – or take fitness classes from the comfort of your own home with either treadmill.

The Nordictrack Commercial 1250 is the newest and most affordable model in Nordictrack’s “Commercial Series” – treadmills built with a few more perks than Nordictrack’s EXP series.

The Nordictrack EXP1oi is the mid-range model in the EXP series, with a stronger motor and larger screen than the EXP7i treadmill.


nordictrack 1250 vs EXP14i Treadmill
Nordictrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill


Which treadmill is right for you?

In this post, we’ll cover the main differences between the Nordictrack EXP10i vs Commercial 1250 treadmills. So you can choose the best fit for you:


Nordictrack EXP10i vs 1250 Treadmill –  Price

As of this writing, the Nordictrack EXP10i treadmill comes in slightly more affordable at around $1699 with Free Shipping here.

The Nordictrack 1250 treadmill is only about $100 more however. It’s currently on sale and you can get it for around $1799 with Free Shipping Here.

So what exactly do you get for the extra money on the Nordictrack 1250 treadmill? Here are some of the differences between the two treadmills to help you decide:


Nordictrack Commercial 1250 Treadmill


Nordictrack 1250 vs EXP10i – Console

Both treadmills come with a separate screen from the main console. This is better in terms of viewing angle than the older flat screen styles.

And the size of the screen is the same on both treadmills – 10 inches. However, there are a couple of design differences you should know.

Here’s the layout of the Nordictrack EXP10i treadmill console:


Nordictrack EXP10i Console


And here’s the layout of the Nordictrack Commercial 1250 console:


nordictrack commercial 1250 treadmill


As you can see, the design of the two consoles are slightly different – although the screen size is the same.

The Nordictrack EXP10i has a media shelf in front of the screen. So you can put your tablet or phone on the shelf and surf the net, watch Youtube, Netflix, etc. that way. This is a very handy feature for entertainment options.

Unfortunately you don’t get the media shelf with the Commercial 1250 treadmill. But it does have one advantage over the EXP10i treadmill.

You can swivel and turn the console 180 degrees. This is handy if you want to continue your workout off the treadmill (doing an iFit stretching, weight training or yoga class for example). You don’t get this feature on the EXP10i treadmill.


Nordictrack 1250 Treadmill


Nordictrack EXP10i vs 1250 – Incline/Decline

Both treadmills give you up to 12% incline. However the Commercial 1250 also gives you up to 3% decline. Plus it’s responsive to the iFit world trails.

So the treadmill will incline and decline to match the terrain of the world trail that you’re running – giving you a more immersive, realistic training experience.

So overall you get more in terms of crosstraining with the Commercial 1250 treadmill.


Nodictrack 1250 Treadmill


Nordictrack Commercial 1250 vs EXP10i: Belt Length

Another benefit that the Commercial 1250 treadmill has over the EXP10i is that it has a longer belt: 60 inches vs 55 inches.

So you get more room to stretch out and run on the Nordictrack 1250. Runners will especially appreciate the longer belt length.


Nordictrack EXP10i Treadmill



Nordictrack 1250 vs EXP10i: Speed Limit

Another feature that makes the Commercial 1250 treadmill better for runners? Speed limit.

The Nordictrack Commercial 1250 comes in with a higher speed limit than the EXP10i treadmill – 0 – 12 MPH.

The EXP10i treadmill has a speed limit from 0 – 10 MPH.

If you’re a walker you won’t really care about this. But if you want the highest speed limit option, then the Commercial 1250 is the better bet.


Nordictrack EXP10i vs 1250: Motor Power

The Nordictrack EXP10i treadmill comes with a mid-sized 2.75 CHP motor. 

This isn’t bad – but the Commercial 1250 outshines it with a strongr 3.0 CHP motor. So you get a slightly stronger motor power with the Nordictrack 1250 treadmill.


Nordictrack EXP10i Treadmill


Bottom Line?

So which is better when comparing the Nordictrack EXP10i vs 1250 treadmills?

Well, they both give you iFit training and full-color, HD touch-screens. They also both fold up for easier movement.

The Nordictrack EXP10i treadmill comes in at a lower price – and it has the media shelf option as well.

However the Commercial 1250 treadmill gives you a longer belt, swivelling console, stronger motor, higher speed limit and more immersive training with decline options.

So  the Commercial 1250 treadmill gives you a lot of extra features – for only $100 more. If you’re a runner or just want a more features, you’ll probably prefer the Commercial 1250.

But at the end of the day, it comes down to your own personal budget and needs.

Regardless of which you choose, you can learn more about each treadmill direct from the manufacturer with the links below:


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Click for Free Shipping on the Nordictrack EXP10i 


Nordictrack EXP10i Treadmill



Nordictrack 1250 Treadmill Review – A Good Buy for You?

Nordictrack EXP10i Treadmill Review – A Good Buy for You?