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Nordictrack FS10i vs FS14i Freestride Trainer – Which is Best for You?

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Trying to compare the Nordictrack FS10i vs FS14i Freestride Trainer?

Wondering which is the best choice for you?


FS10i Freestride Trainer
Nordictrack FS10i Freestride Trainer


The Freestride Trainer was introduced over 8 years ago. It’s popularity stems from the fact that it is an upgrade to the regular elliptical. It gives you something a regular elliptical trainer doesn’t – a fully adjustable stride.

You can do short up-and-down stair-climbing strides, longer jogging strides or even longer running strides.

This gives you a lot more options than a standard elliptical. It also ensures you find the most comfortable stride length for you.

Nordictrack currently makes 2 models – the FS10i and the FS14i Freestride Trainer ellipticals.

Both of these give you the famous freestrider, low-impact motion.

You also get full-color, HD touch-screens with both machines. You can stream iFit world trails and even live workouts to your home with either model.

So what’s the difference between these two models?


nordictrack fs14i vs fs10i freestride trainer
Nordictrack FS14i Freestride Trainer


This post will show you the key differences between the Nordictrack FS10 vs FS14i Freestride Trainers.

That way you can make a better decision as to which trainer is right for you. So let’s dive in:



Nordictrack FS10i vs FS14i: Price


As of this writing the Nordictrack FS10i is the more affordable of the two models. You can get it for around $1999 with Free Shipping direct from the Manufacturer here.

The Nordictrack FS14i is the next model up and the premium model in the series – coming in around $2999 with Free Shipping direct from the Manufacturer Here.

So is the FS14i Freestrider worth the extra money? Does it give you more features that you really want? Let’s find out.




Nordictrack FS10 or FS14i: Console

Both ellipticals give you a touch-screen, full-color, HD console. You can connect with iFit at the touch of a button and run trails all over the world for some virtual reality style fun.

You can also stream a new fitness class to your trainer every day for extra challenge – and even take LIVE classes!

The difference here is found in the size of the screen.

The Nordictrack FS10i Freestrider gives you a generous 10-inch screen as seen below:


Nordictrack FS10i Console


The Nordictrack FS14i however goes one better than this. The console is larger at 14-inches across as seen below:


Nordictrack FS14i Console


While both screens are pretty big – especially for home elliptical trainers, the larger screen on the FS14i can give you a more immersive, enjoyable experience. It can really pull you into the action as you’re training.

Here’s another view of the Nordictrack FS10i console:



And here’s another view of the Nordictrack FS14i console:



As you can probably tell, both console screens tilt as well – so you can find the best viewing angle for you.

The good news?

If you get either elliptical from the Manufacturer, you can get a Full membership to iFit Coach included for a limited time with your trainer.

So you can try iFit Coach out first to see if it’s right for you.

Note: You don’t need iFit Coach to use either machine – they will both work fine without iFit. iFit is simply an add-on option if you want it.



Nordictrack FS14i vs FS10i: Incline – Decline

Incline changes the slope of your running path on the elliptical to give you the feel of running uphill.

This helps to work different muscle groups and gives you a better crosstraining experience overall.

Both the Nordictrack FS10i and FS14i Freestride trainers come with power incline of up to 10 degrees.

However the FS14i Freestrider also gives you DECLINE as well as incline. You get up to 10 degrees of decline on the FS14i model as well as 10 degrees of incline.

The Nordictrack S10i Freestrider only gives you up to 10 degrees of incline – no decline.

So you get more ways to crosstraing on the FS14i model.




Nordictrack FS10i or FS14? Resistance

The Nordictrack FS10i gives you up to 24 levels of resistance. It’s power resistance so you can easily change it with a button on the console.

The Nordictrack FS14i however goes a bit higher, giving you 26 levels of resistance. So you have a bit more room to grow and challenge yourself with this model.



Bottom Line?

So what’s the bottom line when comparing the Nordictrack FS10i vs FS14i Freestride Trainers?

Well, each one has their benefits.

The Nordictrack FS10i is more affordable – and still gives you the impressive console and famous Freestrider stride of up to 32 inches. You also get incline for more challenge.

The Nordictrack FS14i however has the larger console – which an make the iFit workouts more enjoyable to watch. The larger screen also makes it easier to see your workout stats.

Another benefit to the FS14 is that it also has decline – and more levels of resistance – giving you more ways to crosstrain on this model.

So it really comes down to what you want at the end of the day.

Regardless of which you choose, if you use the links below you can get Free Shipping and a special iFit offer on either elliptical.


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FS10i Freestride Trainer
Nordictrack FS10i Freestride Trainer



Click Here for Free Shipping on the Nordictrack FS14i


nordictrack fs14i vs fs10i freestride trainer
Nordictrack FS14i Freestride Trainer



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