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Nordictrack iFit Treadmills – What Exactly is iFit Anyway?

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Looking for a Nordictrack iFit Treadmill?

Well, the good news is that technically, all of the latest (2021 and up) Nordictrack models are “ifit treadmills”. Because they all have iFit compatibility.

That doesn’t mean you HAVE to have the iFit full subscription to use the treadmill – not at all.

iFit is more of an add-on feature (see below).

This post will go over a few things you need to know about Nordictrack iFit treadmills, some iFit history and how it can help you.

So let’s start at the beginning:


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iFit is Born

ifit cardsiFit first made it’s way onto Nordictrack treadmills about 15 years ago in the form of iFit workout cards.

These were small chip cards you could plug into your treadmill to add more workouts in addition to the ones that came with the treadmill.

ifit cardsThere were different iFit workout cards that you could buy – from weight loss to stretching to strength training workouts.

That did ok for a while. However iFit has moved on and has a completely different look today.

At this point, the iFit workout cards are fairly hard to find since they’re not being made anymore.

And you would be hard pressed to find a Nordictrack treadmill – even a used one – with a slot for the iFit card.

But I wanted to cover this since you might run across older posts talking about iFit workout cards. So then you’ll know what they’re talking about.


iFit LIVE Comes on the Scene

About 10 years ago, Nordictrack started putting this upgraded iFit option on a few of their treadmills called “iFit LIVE”. It was super cool at the time. Using iFit LIVE you could connect your treadmill to the internet and go online.


nordictrack ifit


From there you could do all sorts of wonderful things like track your workout stats over time and set new fitness goals. You could race against your online friends.


ifit live on nordictrack


You could also download new workouts from Jillian Michaels where she coached you through your workout through the treadmill speakers.

One of the best parts of iFit was that you could use it to run pre-designed world trails (famous trails like Hawaii and Paris). You would actually see landmarks pass you by in the console screen of your treadmill.

This added a kind of virtual reality feel to the workout. And it was fairly revolutionary in the home treadmill market at the time.


nordic track ifit treadmill


This was a whole new world of treadmill entertainment, and people LOVED it – right?

Well, not so much at first. There were a lot of bugs in the beginning. I think in their enthusiasm for the new workout technology Nordictrack just rolled it out way too fast.

The result?

There were a LOT of bad reviews of iFit at the time. And Nordictrack struggled to work out all ofthe bugs in the software.

This isn’t unusual. Whenever a manufacturer rolls out some new type of software upgrade or design to their products, there will be kinks that need to be worked out.

However the good news is that Nordictrack have had years to workout these bugs. And you now don’t get the issues with iFit that people had 10 years ago.


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nordictrack ifit treadmills


Moving forward, iFit LIVE eventually changed their name to iFit Coach. This was mainly because they were putting more of an emphasis on coach-controlled workouts and trainer-led studio sessions.

Over the years iFit continued to add in new famous workout trails and special events. You could train for the Boston Marathon or take a walking tour through the streets of Florence.


iFit Coach in Santorini

These workouts came in especially handy during Covid and lockdowns – when people couldn’t travel. They could still see and learn about different places around the world, even from home.

With iFit Coach you could stream studio workouts like walking workouts, HIIT training, stretching and more. But about 4 years ago, iFit grew again by adding LIVE workouts.

So you could actually take the same class at the same time as your friends around the world – very cool.


Live iFit Class

Around this time, iFit dropped the “Coach” part and now it’s just called iFit.

This explains why you might hear people talk about iFit Live or iFit Coach or even iFit Coach Plus (which was a higher level program of iFit at one point – but it no longer exists).

Another change over the years is that – while iFit used to be only included in Nordictrack’s high-end treadmils, it’s now available on pretty much any Nordictrack treadmill today

That brings us to the next question you probably have:


Do You Need iFit to Use Your Treadmill?

No, you don’t.

According to the Manufacturer iFit FAQ’s you can use your treadmill in manual mode without iFit.


Most people don’t realize that iFit actually it exists in 2 forms – free and paid subscription versions.

With the monthly paid subscription you get access to all of the Fit workouts, Live classes, tracking, personalized programs, Googlemap tools and more.

The free version lets you track your progress and see your stats. There are also a few built-in iFit workouts. And that’s about it. But it is free – and a great option if you don’t want the full iFit benefits.

So if you don’t want the paid subscription version of iFit you can either use the treadmill in manual mode – or use the free version of iFit. So you do have options when it comes to Nordictrack iFit treadmills.



The bottom line is that if you’re looking to turn a boring standard treadmill into a studio class “experience”, iFit offers you some great benefits. But it’s not mandatory to have.

So I hope that gives you some up-to-date information if you’re wondering about using iFit on the latest Nordictrack treadmills.

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Nordictrack iFit FAQ


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