Nordictrack Rolls Out New 2017 Treadmill Models

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What’s New For Nordictrack Treadmills 2017?


nordictrack treadmill 2017 review
Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill – 2017

Well, it’s that time of year again – when Nordictrack comes out with brand new upgraded treadmill models for the new year.

And it looks like they’re rolling out new models for most of their most popular models including the Commercial 1750, Commercial 2450 and all of their Incline Trainer treadmills.

I’ll be doing more in-depth posts on each of these new models in the next few weeks.

But this post is about two of the major changes.

The major change you’ll find on the new Nordictrack treadmills are the upgraded sleeker consoles.

For example here’s the 2016 Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill Console:


nordictrack treadmills 2017
Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill Console – 2016



And here’s the 2017 Nordictrack 1750 Treadmill console:


nordictrack commercial 1750 treadmill console



Or here’s the 2016 Nordictrack X9 incline trainer console:



nordictrack treadmill 2017



And here’s the 2017 Nordictrack X9 console:


nordictrack incline trainer 2017



As you can see, the consoles are much more sleek and well laid out.  They look much more futuristic with sleeker designs and less of the cheaper buttons you find on other brands.

I also like the fact that they moved the fans over from the side to the center of the console, which gives you better cooling power (and better directed cooling) overall.

They’ve also removed a lot of the extraneous buttonage (buttonage – is that a word? Well you get the point).  So now you have a more streamline console – but it’s still very easy to figure out what each button means.


nordictrack treadmills 2017


Also, Nordictrack has made changes to their iFit program. They’re now introducing iFit coach – which gives you a more tailored, specialized fitness and weight loss program.

You can get specific workouts and calorie goals sent right to your treadmill and the program evolves and grows with you as you grow – very cool. It doesn’t cost any extra so it’s a nice improvement if you want a more tailored approach to reaching your goals.


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nordictrack treadmills 2017