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Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical – The Right Choice for You?

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Please Note: The Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i elliptical is no longer available and has been discontinued. For a similar Nordictrack elliptical, you may want to checkout the Nordictrack Commercial 9.9 elliptical.

You can read the full review of the Nordictrack Commercial 9.9 elliptical here.

The following review should not be taken as definitive advice as the model has been discontinued and it is not known if or when it will be brought back.


Nordictrack SE7i ReviewThe Nordictrack SE7i Elliptical is Nordictrack’s most affordable elliptical trainer – coming in around $1000.

Plus, as the name implies it does something most elliptical trainers don’t do: you can fold it up!

So it’s great for apartments or smaller workout areas where space is at a premium.

You also get up to 10 degrees of incline to add some extra crosstraining to your workouts.

Is the Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i elliptical the right choice for you?

Here’s a review of what you need to know before buying:

Nordictrack SE7i Console


Nordictrack SE7i Elliptical – Specs:

Price: $999 + Click to Get 1-year iFit Included

Style: Rear-Drive

Flywheel: 18 lbs

Stride Length: 18 Inches

Resistance: 22 Levels

Incline? Yes up to 10 Degrees

Folding? Yes

Warranty: 10 Year Frame, 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor




Nordictrack SE7i Review – Strengths:


Folding To Save Space

While it’s common to find a treadmill that folds up, it’s very difficult to find an elliptical trainer that folds up. The SE7i Spacesaver elliptical folds up easily with wheels on the bottom.

So you can move it around and put it away if you want to use the space for something else. It also makes it easy to clean under and around the elliptical area.


nordictrack spacesaver se7i elliptical review


Add Challenge with Incline

You get up to 10 degrees of power incline on this trainer. It’s not the most incline that you can get with an elliptical – but it’s still pretty good considering the price point.

Incline changes the slope of your running path, helping you to work different lower body muscles. This is a great way to crosstrain and change things up during your workouts for added calorie-burning.

Also, the incline on this trainer is power incline. This means you can change it easily with a button on the console – you don’t have to get off the machine to adjust the incline settings as you do with some other starter ellipticals.


Nordictrack SE7i Incline


Explore the World With iFit

iFit Coach connects your elliptical to the Internet using the Wifi in your home. From there you can track your workout progress over time to see how far you’ve come.

One thing to know: With the Nordictrack SE7i elliptical, in order to connect your elliptical to iFit, you will need to add in your own tablet using the tablet holder that comes with the machine.

Once you have that set up and connected to iFit online, you can explore famous trails all over the world – from the streets of Paris to the shores of Hawaii. You’ll see the scenery pass you by in your tablet screen as you run for a more virtual reality training feel.


iFit Workouts

Need some extra challenge? Can’t get to the gym?

No problem.

Take a streaming fitness class right from your elliptical trainer! There are thousands of different workouts to choose from – from starter to high intensity.

The trainer will lead you through the class and even control your machine’s incline for you (you can override this if you wish).

iFit Coach basically takes you up to a whole new level of fitness training. If you’re looking to reach a new fitness goal this is a fantastic tool to do it.

Plus if you get the new Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i elliptical direct from the Manufacturer, you can get a 1 year iFit membership included with your machine. So you can try it out for a full year and see if you like it!


Click Here to Get iFit With the SE7i Elliptical


iFit Workouts


Tablet Holder

As stated above, you do get a tablet holder with this elliptical – which is a very popular feature. You can attach your tablet or phone and connect to iFit, watching streaming workouts or running world trails.

You can also, of course, watch your favorite Netflix shows, surf the net or watch Youtube videos as you workout. So this adds another entertainment option to your workout times.



EKG Heart Rate Monitor

Track your heart rate by grasping the EKG heart rate sensors on the stationary handlebars in front of the console.

This is a nice feature to have since Nordictrack (for some reason) is removing the EKG heart rate monitors on some of their higher-end machines. And many people do like to keep track of their heart rate as they workout.



22 Levels of Resistance

You get up to 22 levels of resistance on this trainer. You do get a few more resistance levels with Nordictrack’s other models – but 22 levels of resistance is still pretty good or this price point. And it gives you some room to grow as your fitness level improves.





Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i – Any Drawbacks?
Dual-Color Console

This is the most basic console that Nordictrack makes. It’s dual color and not touch-screen friendly – vs the full-color, touch-screen consoles you get with Nordictrack’s higher-end models.

Because of this, you can’t connect with iFit Coach online directly – you have to do it through your tablet.

Still, some people like this, since it means if you don’t want to try the iFit membership at all, you really don’t have to on this trainer.



Moving It Around

You can fold the Spacesaver SE7i up and move it around, using the wheels on the bottom of the machine. However, be aware that at 215 pounds, it’s still quite heavy. So you will need a bit of muscle to move it around.

On the other hand, the extra weight does help to add that stability you need on an elliptical (so it doesn’t shake or wobble when you pick up the pace).


nordictrack SE7i Spacesaver Elliptical Review



Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a folding elliptical that still gives you the stability and little extras of non-folding trainers, the Nordictrack Spacesaver SE7i is worth checking out.

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Nordictrack’s higher end models, you do get a lot for a very reasonable price.

Plus you can add even more training options with your tablet and iFit – run trails all over the world, take streaming fitness classes and track your progress to see how far you’ve come.



Where to Buy and Save

You can get the new Nordictrack SE7i elliptical direct from the Manufacturer here and this will include the 1 year iFit Coach membership for you.

You can also see detailed elliptical specs and read the latest user reviews.


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Nordictrack SE7i Review



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