Nordictrack T7.5 vs T8.5 Treadmill – Which is Best For You?

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Trying to compare the Nordictrack T7.5 vs T8.5 Treadmills

Wondering which is best for you?


nordictrack T7.5 vs T8.5 treadmill comparison
Nordictrack T7.5 S Treadmill


These are 2 of Nordictrack’s new T-Series models that were introduced this year – treadmills built to give you a more fun, interactive and effective training experience than other treadmill brands.

They both give you bright, HD, touch-screen consoles and iFit compatibility. So you can explore famous world trails – or stream high-energy fitness classes right from your treadmill console.



Nordictrack T7.5 vs T8.5 comparison
Nordictrack T8.5 Treadmill


They also both fold up for easy storage, and come with an extra-long 60 inch belt so you can stretch out and run without bumping up against the edge of your treadmill.

However there are some key differences between the Nordictrack T7.5 vs T8.5 treadmills that you should know.

Let’s dive in and compare them:


nordictrack t8.5 vs t7.5
Nordictrack T8.5 S Folded



Nordictrack T7.5 vs T8.5 – Price


As of this writing, the Nordictrack T7.5 model is the more affordable treadmill, coming in around $300 less with Free Shipping here. That makes it more attractive from a budget standpoint.

The Nordictrack T8.5 is the next model up with a few more perks. You can get it direct from the Manufacturer with Free Shipping here.




Nordictrack T7.5 vs 8.5 – Console

The console is where you see one of the biggest differences between these two treadmills. While they both give you multi-color, touch-screen, HD console windows, the Nordictrack T7.5 is a bit smaller.

It has a console window that is 7 inches across as you can see below:


nordictrack t7.5 S vs T8.5 S treadmill
Norditrack T7.5 Console



The Nordictrack T8.5 S treadmill comes with a larger 10-inch console window as you can see below:


nordictrack T7.5 vs 8.5 comparison
Nordictrack T8.5 Console


So the Nordictrack T8.5 treadmill is going to be a bit more enjoyable to watch. The larger screen makes it easier to see your workout stats and watch the iFit scenery as you run.

Both consoles give you one-touch speed and incline buttons for quick, on-the-fly changes. You also get dual-speed cooling fans on both consoles. The real difference is in the screen size.




Nordictrack T7.5 vs T8.5 Treadmill – Motor

The motor is the heart of your treadmill. A stronger motor helps to power you through longer or more intense workouts. A stronger motor is also a great choice for multiple-user families.

The Nordictrack T7.5 S treadmill comes with a healthy 3.0 HP motor – which is excellent for this price point.

The T8.5 treadmill however steps it up a notch to a 3.5 HP motor – which is better for longer or more aggressive workouts.


Nordictrack T7.5 S Treadmill Review
Nordictrack T7.5 with iFit



A Few Warranty Differences

While both treadmills are covered by a lifetime motor and frame warranty, there are a couple of differences in warranty length on other areas.

You get a 5 year parts warranty on the Nordictrack T8.5 treadmill – vs a 3 year parts warranty on the Nordictrack T7.5 treadmill.

Also, you get a 2 year service warranty on the Nordictrack T8.5 treadmill (which is excellent). The Nordictrack T7.5 treadmill gives you the standard 1 year service warranty.


nordictrack 7.5 vs 8.5 treadmill
Nordictrack T8.5 with iFit



Bottom Line?

So which is better – the Nordictrack T7.5 or the T8.5 treadmill?

Frankly I thought there would be more of a difference between these two treadmills. However they’re pretty similar.

You get the extra-long belts, full-color consoles, adjustable cushioning and up to 12% incline on both.

The real difference is seen in the size of the screen – 7 inches vs 10 inches across. So the Nordictrack T8.5 treadmill is a bit more enjoyable to watch with the larger screen

It also carries a strong motor which makes it a better choice for runners, heavy usage or multiple-user families.

On the other hand, the Nordictrack T7.5 gives you some great basics – and comes in at a more attractive price point. So it really depends on what you want at the end of the day.

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nordictrack T7.5 vs t6.5 treadmill
Nordictrack T7.5 S Treadmill



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Nordictrack T7.5 vs T8.5 comparison
Nordictrack T8.5 Treadmill