Nordictrack T9.5S Treadmill Review – A Good Buy For You?

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Please Note: This treadmill has been discontinued and is no longer available. A similar treadmill is the Nordictrack EXP10i Treadmill.

You can read the full review of the Nordictrack EXP10i treadmill here.


nordictrack T9.5 treadmill review
Nordictrack T9.5 Treadmill

The Nordictrack T9.5 treadmill is the top model in the new T-series of treadmill this year.

It gives you the largest console (14 inches) of any T-series treadmill as well as a stronger motor than other T-Series treadmills like the T8.5 or T6.5.

The larger, full-color, HD console can really make the iFit Coach world scenery come alive.

And runners will appreciate the extra-long running belt and adjustable cushioning.

So is the Nordictrack T9.5S treadmill the right choice for you?

How does it stack up?

Here’s a review of what you need to know to help you decide:




nordictrack T9.5 Console
Nordictrack T9.5 S Console



Treadmill Specs:

Price: $2299 + Click Here For Free Shipping

Motor: 3.6 CHP

Incline: 0 – 12%

Belt: 20 x 60″

User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

Folding? Yes

Built-In Workouts: 50

Warranty: 10 Year Frame, 2 Year Parts, 1 Year Labor



Nordictrack T9.5S Review – Key Benefits:


Extra-Large, Full-Color Console

The Nordictrack T9.5 S treadmill carries the largest console of any T-series treadmills – a full 14 inches across.

The larger, full-color, HD console is touch-screen sensitive and it can help to make your iFit world scenery workouts a lot more fun.


nordictrack T9.5 S treadmill review with ifit


There’s also a music port with speakers. So you can plugin in your iPhone or similar device and play your workout music as you walk.

And the dual-speed workout fan is a great way to stay cool during long, intense workouts.



nordictrack ifit treadmill



Travel the World with iFit

The Nordictrack T9.5S treadmill comes iFit Coach compatible. With iFit Coach you can connect your treadmill online using the Wifi in your home. From there you can download thousands of new video workouts.

For example, you can run famous trails all over the world – from the streets of Paris to the shores of Hawaii. As you run, you’ll see real landmarks pass you by in your console screen for some virtual reality fun.

Don’t want to workout by yourself? No problem.


iFit Workout


You can also choose from a large selection of personal-trainer-led video workouts. The trainers will coach you through different world trails, pointing out interesting landmarks along the way.

Take a walking tour of Florence or hike through the Swiss Alps – all with your own personal trainer to guide you.

Want something different?

Take a high-energy studio fitness class from your treadmill console. These workouts also include yoga, boot camps, HIIT training, strength training and more.

There are over 16,000 workouts in the iFit library – so you’ll never run out of new things to try!


ifit workouts
ifit workouts


The best part?

While iFit is a yearly subscription service, if you get the Nordictrack T9.5 treadmill through the Manufacturer, you can currently also get a 1 year membership to iFit included!

So you can try it out for a full year to see if you like it.



Stronger Motor

The Nordictrack T9.5 S upgrades to the strongest motor of any of the T-series treadmills – 3.6 CHP. The motor is also self cooling to help prolong the life of your treadmill with a larger case for less vibration (which helps to reduce noise).


nordictrack t9.5 S belt


Extra Long 60-Inch Belt

Runners and taller users will appreciate the extra-spacious 60 inch long belt. You can stretch out and run without feeling like you’re bumping up against the edge of your treadmill.



Adjustable Cushioning

Choose your level of cushioning protection on the T9.5S treadmill. Turn the cushioning up for more protection for your joints, hips, back and knees.

Or for a more road-like, firmer deck feel, turn the cushioning dampeners down.


nordictrack t9.5 treadmill review


Incline-Matching Technology

You get from 0 – 12% power incline on this treadmill. You can control the incline with the push of a button from your console.

And when you’re running an iFit world trail, the treadmill will actually raise and lower to match the incline of the terrain for a more realistic training experience.



Extra Accessories Tray

There’s also an extra accessories tray in the stability bar under your console. This is a handy way to store your extra keys, wallet, remote and more.



Folding To Save Space

The treadmill folds up easily and locks into place to save you space. It’s also a shock-assisted lift to save the strain on your back.


Nordictrack T9.5 S review




Nordictrack T9.5S Treadmill Review – Any Drawbacks?


iFit Coach Subscription

While you can try iFit Coach out for the year, if you want to keep using iFit, you’ll need to renew your subscription after a year.

However, you do get up to 4 user profiles on one account. So you can actually use one iFit subscription for the whole family. (And iFit Coach can be used across different machines as well at no extra charge).

Also, if you don’t have wireless internet in your home, you won’t be able to use or access iFit on the treadmill.




Bottom Line?

If you’re looking for a mix of strong construction and cutting-edge fitness entertainment, the Nordictrack T9.5S treadmill is worth checking out.

It has the largest console (14 inches) of any of the T-series treadmills, which can really make your iFit video workouts a lot more fun to watch.

It also carries a stronger motor than other T-models and adjustable cushioning for extra cushioning protection.

While it’s not as fancy as Nordictrack’s Commercial treadmills, it’s a great mix of value, construction and fun toys.



Where To Buy and Save:

You can get the included iFit Coach Membership with the Nordictrack T9.5S treadmill direct from the Manufacturer here. You can also get Free Shipping to your home, which will save you about $150.


Click Here for a Special Offer on the Nordictrack T9.5 


nordictrack T9.5 S Treadmill review
Noridctrack 9.5 Treadmill




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