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Nordictrack Treadmill Alternatives – 3 Brands To Consider

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nordictrack 1750 treadmill alternatives

Looking for some Nordictrack treadmill alternatives?

Nordictrack is a popular treadmill brand.  They’ve done a great job at getting themselves out there.

But if you don’t necessarily want a Nordictrack treadmill – what’s a good alternative?

There’s a lot less information out there on which brands are a good alternative to Nordictrack.

That’s the reason for this post.

While I like Nordictrack as a brand (hence, this blog), there are several other brands that are also great options for you.

I’ve tried to give you 3 Nordictrack treadmill alternatives below with the strengths of each. You’ll also find links to where you can read more on each brand. So let’s dive in.

(Please note: While this blog is here to give you ideas, it is by no means a buying recommendation for any treadmill. At the end of the day, you are responsible for doing your own research and deciding on which is the best treadmill for you.)


Nordictrack Treadmill Alternatives:


#1 Horizon

Horizon makes a really good treadmill – but unfortunately they just don’t get the attention that they deserve.

However they have a lot going for them.

They have long history behind them and are owned by Johnson Health Tech. Johnson also owns commercial brands like Vision and Matrix. So they know how to make a high quality treadmill.

Horizon used to make mostly starter treadmills.

However they beefed up their treadmill lineup with the Studio Series a few years ago. Now they give you several high-end models to choose from like the 7.8 AT model (seen below).


best alternatives to Nordictrack treadmills


You get strong motors and (usually) extra-long decks on these machines. Horizon has also engineered a new Rapic Sync motor (on the Studio series only).

This motor ensures no lags or delays between speed and incline changes.

It responds 33% faster than other treadmill motors, so you’ll never fall out of step with a fast-paced interval running class.

While the consoles aren’t necessarily as advanced as Nordictrack treadmills, they’re well laid out and most do include a shelf for your tablet or phone.



Plus, Horizon has also made their Studio series treadmills compatible with certain fitness apps like Zwift or Cardiocast. So you can pair your treadmill with the app and stream fitness classes to your treadmill.

This is a nice alternative to Nordictrack’s iFit option – which is another reason Horizon takes top spot as a good Nordictrack treadmill alternative.

Overall, if you’re looking for solid construction with strong design and a few luxury extras, these treadmill are worth checking out. Use the link below to compare the latest models and get Free Shipping to your home.


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Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill



#2 Proform

Proform is another ICON brand – the same company that owns Nordictrack. While Nordictrack is their mid-range to premium brand, Proform is seen more as a starter brand of treadmill.

So if you’re looking for a Nordictrack treadmill alternative -without necessarily the price tag, you might want to see what Proform has to offer.

nordictrack treadmill alternatives
Proform Treadmill

While these treadmills don’t give you all the bells and whistles of Nordictrack, they do have the same impressive, full-color, HD, touch-screen consoles and iFit options.

Some treadmills, like the Pro series, also give you decline as well.

Proform treadmills also start at a lower price point than Nordictrack treadmills. So they’re great if you’re on a budget, but still want a good treadmill from a strong brand name.



Use the link below to compare all current Profom models and even get 50$ off your purchase with Free Shipping.


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#3 Sole

Sole has been around for over 12 years. They’re a smaller treadmill company with a strong reputation.

They started out making commercial treadmills for hotel chains like Hilton and Omni. They then branched out into making home treadmills, ellipticals and eventually bikes.

Sole treadmills are really known for being strong, stable machines with excellent cushioning.


Sole Treadmill

For example, they use CushionFlex cushioning. Cushionflex was shown to reduce impact on your joints by up to 40%.

Sole treadmills also have very strong decks and motor powers.

Another nice touch are the speed and incline controls on the handrails. You can change your speed or incline without having to reach up to the console to do it.

On the downside there isn’t much in terms of tracking, entertainment or fitness tools.

The consoles are only dual-color and a bit dated since Sole hasn’t really upgraded them in a few years.


Nordictrack treadmill alternatives
Sole Treadmill Console

While you do get a few built-in workouts and a media shelf, that’s about it. So you have to add in your own entertainment or tracking options if you want them.

Still, if you’re looking for a high-quality treadmill that gives you strong construction basics, they might be worth checking out.

Use the link below to compare all models and get Free Shipping to your home.


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Sole Treadmill



So those are 3 great Nordictrack treadmill alternatives. I hope you found this post helpful and that you walk away with some great ideas for the best home treadmill for you!




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