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“Does Nordictrack Have Black Friday Deals?” – What To Know About Black Friday Treadmill Sales

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nordictrack treadmill black friday sales 2018

It’s that time of year again – the runup towards Christmas and that shopping day of all days…Black Friday.

If you’re in the market for a Nordictrack treadmill, you’re probably wondering:


“Does Nordictrack Have Black Friday Deals?”


The good news is YES – they do!

Nordtrack traditionally starts putting treadmills on sale the week before Black Friday.

But this year it’s different:

They’re actually starting earlier this year!

According to my sources at Nordictrack, they’ll be starting certain Black Friday sales this year on November 1st

That doesn’t mean they’ll have the same treadmills on sale the whole time. They’ll be focusing on a couple of models one week, then another couple of models the next week, etc

It also depends on how certain models sell and how many are left in stock etc. They may even bring back a few favorites just to keep up with demand.

You can check out the link below to see the current Black Friday Nordictrack deals as they come out:


Click Here for All Current Black Friday Sales



What Else You Need to Know About Nordictrack Black Friday Deals:

In years past, Nordictrack has started Black Friday sales the week before and they start by dropping prices on the most popular models first

The problem with this is that many of the popular models can sell out even before Black Friday. So if you’re shopping the day of Black Friday, you might be disappointed – or have to face long shipping delays.



By staggering sales and starting early this year, Nordictrack can make sure everyone has access to the treadmill they want at a great sale price. And there won’t be as many shipping delays either.

The events of the past few years have significantly disrupted both the manufacturing and shipping options that these companies have. Costs have risen with inflation and shipping companies are also swamped. This is most likely Nordictracks way of trying to keep on top of Black Friday sales – and ensuring they have enough stock to meet customer needs.

To help you find a great deal, you might want to research different Nordictrack models first see which ones you really like. Then narrow it down to a list of a few options – so when you spot a great deal, you’ll be able to pounce.

To help save you time and hassle, here’s a list of current Black Friday Nordictrack Treadmill Sales to consider:

Nordictrack Treadmill Black Friday Sales:


Nordictrack 1750 – Most popular commercial-grade model with a new health-club design – Click Here to Save

Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer – Up to 40% incline and a massive screen of 22 inches – Click Here to Save

Nordictrack EXP10i – Mid-range treadmill with a great mix of strong basics and entertainment options – Click Here to Save


I’ll be posting changes as they occur. However if you want the most up-to-date prices on all Nordictrack treadmill sales – see the link below:


Click Here to See All Nordictrack Black Friday Sales




Why All the Hype around Black Friday and Cyber Monday?


Black Friday is traditionally the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving.

It’s called Black Friday since in years past it has been the busiest shopping day of the entire year and it can put stores back “in the black” from all of the sales that they get on this day.

Cyber Monday popped up a few years ago as the Monday following Thanksgiving was traditionally the largest ONLINE shopping day of the year.


nordictrack 2450 dimensions


However over the years these two days have kind of melded with more and more people choosing to shop online on the Friday instead of braving the mass hysteria that descends on the malls around this time of year.

Because of this, online retailers will often some of their best sales on Black Friday and through the weekend to Cyber Monday. However, as stated above, this particular sales period is starting a bit earlier this year.

If you’re looking to get a great deal on a Nordictrack treadmill this a great time to get it!


Click Here for All Current Black Friday Sales


nordictrack treadmills for sale


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