Nordictrack Treadmills – The 2016 Models Have Arrived!

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new Nordictrack 1750 2016Good news treadmill shoppers – if you’ve been waiting for the new 2016 Nordictrack treadmill models to come out, you’re in luck.

They are finally starting to arrive. (Or maybe you’re just a nerd like me who looks forward to the new gadgets every year – that’s ok too.)

Nordictrack usually updates their most popular treadmill models every years with newer gadgets, subtle improvements etc.

And unlike previous years, it looks like they’re finally getting smart and sticking to the same model names – but just updating the models slightly.

So you’ll still have the Commercial 1750, the X9i incline trainer and the famous Nordictrack 990.

They’ll just be slightly upgraded for 2016. I say that Nordictrack is being smart because in previous years, they’ve often come out with completely new model names and numbers – which made it extremely difficult for people to read reviews on past models.

nordictrack treadmill 2016

Or if you liked a certain model but wanted the new year’s version of it, you couldn’t find it. So thank goodness Nordictrack is getting smarter that way (ICON still does this model name change quite frequently with Proform – but that’s a whole other blog post.)

So what can you expect this year? Well, it looks like there are only subtle upgrades like adjustable tablet holders and slightly larger consoles and web browsers. But they’ve kept the popular features on there like the decline, extra wide decks and adjustable cushioning.

You’ll probably notice that they’re keeping the prices quite high at the Manufacturer for now, probably trying to sell off the 2015 models before the new year. That means if you really want a 2016 model, you may have to wait a few weeks.

But if you don’t care about getting the latest model, you could get a 2015 treadmill for the lower prices they’re now selling them off at for Christmas.

We’ll be updating the reviews to incorporate the new models over the next few months so stay tuned!

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Nordictrack incline trainer new 2016