Nordictrack Updates the RW900 Rower for 2022 – See What’s New!

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In the market for a health-club style rowing machine without the health club price tag?

Your timing couldn’t be better.

Nordictrack has just updated their RW900 rower for 2022 .

It has a sleek new look and a few upgrades that make it look more like a gym rowing machine than a home model.


nordictrack RW900 Rower Review
Nordictrack RW900 Rower


The RW900 is Nordictrack’s top rowing machine model with a massive screen and iFit streaming workouts.

With iFit you can row different famous waterways all over the world and watch the scenery pass you by in the console screen as you row.

This gives you a much more enjoyable and immersive experience vs other home rowing machines which don’t have this option.


nordictrack rw700 rower review
Nordictrack RW700 Rower Console


You can also take different streaming rowing machine workout classes directly from home through your console. You can take a new class each day, track your progress and see how far you’ve come over time.

This alone makes the RW900 a very popular rowing machine. And now, Nordictrack has updated the old RW900 with some brand new perks for 2022.

The biggest change to the new model?


An Improved Sliding System and More Stable Base


Nordictrack completely redesigned this unit and added an upgraded sliding system for a smoother rowing experience.

They also redesigned the base for a more stable feel. Here’s the old model:


nordictrack rw900 vs RW500 comparison
2020 Nordictrack RW900 Rower


And here’s a look at the new 2022 model:


nordictrack RW900 Rower Review
2022 Nordictrack RW900 Rower


As you can see, this model has been redesigned with better support at the base than the old model – which is great for more intense workouts.

The only downside? This model does not fold up like the old model (although there are wheels on the bottom for easy movement).



Redesigned Tilt-and-Pivot Touchscreen

The screen here is the same size as the old screen – a whopping 22 inches across. This massive screen really pulls you into the rowing action and makes the world workouts come alive.

However, they have also now redesigned the screen with a new tilting and pivoting feature.

So you can easily move the screen to the best viewing angle for you.



You can even get off the machine (if you want to cool down, stretch, watch a yoga class etc) and swivel the screen to watch from a better angle.


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New Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

The new flywheel on this machine also works to give you a smoother-feel to the rowing motion, similar to the new sliding deck.

Combine that with the soft-grip rowing handles and you get a smoother, more comfortable workout overall.


New Premium Sound System

Nordictrack also upgraded the sound system this year to be even better. You have clearer sound through the premium 30 W audio speakers in the console.

The rower is also Bluetooth compatible so you can also pair your headphones and listen that way if you need to keep things quiet in your home.




How to Buy:

As of right now, you can still get the 2021 model in stores if you prefer the look and style of the older model. They just released the 2022 model so it’s harder to find in stores right now.

If however, you want to be one of the first people to get the new 2022 Nordictrack RW900 model with all the upgrades and Free Shipping, you can use the link below to check it out:


Click Here for the New Nordictrack RW900 


nordictrack RW900 Rower Review
Nordictrack RW900 Rower




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