Nordictrack Vault Review – What is the Nordictrack Vault?

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nordictrack vault reviewNordictrack recently introduced a futuristic interactive training mirror to their lineup.

Called the Nordictrack Vault, it has a lot of people wondering

“What exactly is it? And is it right for me?”

I usually write about different Nordictrack treadmills and rowers since that’s more in my wheelhouse.

But after checking it out, I thought I’d write a post about the Vault since it’s pretty darn cool.

In this post I’ll try and break it down for you to explain what it does and how it works. Then you can decide if it’s right for you.

So let’s dive in:

What is the Nordictrack Vault?


When I first saw the Nordictrack Vault, I thought it was just a fancy, oversized mirror for your home gym. But then I actually looked into it. And it’s actually much more than that.

This is an interactive training mirror that shows you both your own form – while simultaneously leading you through a workout where you can also see your trainer.



There’s actually a large screen within the mirror. In fact, the 61.5″ mirror comes with more than 400 square inches of touchscreen.

You connect through the touchscreen to iFit – Nordictrack’s online streaming and workout service. From there you can access thousands of trainer-let workouts – everything from weight training to yoga to pilates to HIIT traininer, stretching and more.

Once you choose your workout, you are then led through the workout on the mirror-screen by your trainer (kind of like taking a class at the gym).

You can see the session and the trainer on your mirror screen – while watching yourself at the same time.


nordictrack vault review


This way you can make sure you’re using proper form and follow the trainer (and copy their form) at the same time.

This is some futuristic stuff – it reminds me of a workout you’d see in a movie set in 2121 not 2021.

You can choose to do a different workout each day – whatever you’re in the mood for. Burn calories with the HIIT training workouts. Build muscle with the strength training or kettlebell workouts. Or stretch out and relax with a yoga sesson.


What Can You Do?

As stated above, there are thousands of different workouts to choose with iFit. You choose your workout from the Vault mirror screen and stream it to your home.



You can choose from a variety of workouts from pilates to yoga to HIIT to kettlebell training, circuit training, weight workouts and more.

One thing I like about this mirror is that it totally gets rid of that self consciousness you often have at the gym. (You know where you’re looking in the mirror lifting weights while everyone ELSE is looking in the mirror watching themselves lift weights too – I just think that’s weird.)

And when you’re done with your workout? No problem.

The Nordictrack Vault also has a storage area behind  the mirror portion. So you can pack up all of your gear, put it away, out of eyesight and walk away – clean, easy, simple.



The fact that you can store everything you need for your workouts in one place makes the Nordictrack Vault a great option for smaller workout areas like condos or apartments.



A Few More Things You Need To Know

The Vault mirror can rotate up to 360 degrees – which is pretty cool.

So no matter where the sunlight comes into your room, you can always move the mirror to an area where you can see it (and the sun is not in your face).



And with iFit you can choose to track your progress over time. So you can see which workouts you’ve done, how far you’ve come etc.

You can also see how other people have rated the workouts and what they are saying about their experience, which is pretty helpful.


Nordictrack Vault Options:

Nordictrack also gives you 2 options if you want to buy the Vault: Standalone or Complete.

With the Standalone option you get the vault itself (including the mirror and storage area) as well as the hanging shelves and a cleaning towel (see below).


Nordictrack Vault Standalone


With the Complete option you get all of that – plus everything you need to do the workouts.

Included with the Complete option are kettlebells, dumbbells, yoga blocks, loop bands, resistance bands, exercise mats and premium shelves (see below).


Nordictrack Vault Complete


If you already have all of your own gear, you can save a bit and go with the standalone option – and store your gear in there.

If you’re starting from scratch (or just don’t have a lot of your own exercise gear), you might want to do the Complete option since it has everything you’ll need to do the iFit workouts.



Bottom Line?

So is the Nordictrack Vault a good option for you?

Well, it’s a fantastic option if you want futuristic, interactive training in your home like pilates, yoga, strength training etc.

It’s basically like taking your own trainer-led workout class from home whenever you want.

Plus, unlike the gym YOU get to choose the workout style and level of intensity. So it’s really the next level of personally tailored workout classes in your home.

Plus you get to watch both yourself and your trainer at the same time.

So you can make sure you’re doing the moves properly. You can mimic your trainer if you’re not sure about the movements. And you can also ensure that you always have proper form.



The Vault is also ideal for multiple user families – since everyone can choose a workout style or intensity that they like.

Plus if you’re limited on space this is also a great option – and it definitely has that “cool” factor. Guests to your home will be oohing and ahhing over it for several years to come.

If, on the other hand, you don’t really care about taking classes and you’re more of a DIY person with a regular routine that you already prefer, then this wouldn’t be the best option.

This is really ideally suited for people who want or need that motivation from trainers and interactive training.

Want to learn more? Check out the link below to compare the Nordictrack Vault options and watch a video of how it works


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nordictrack vault review



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