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Nordictrack X22i Review – Common Questions and Answers

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Looking for a Nordictrack X22i review? Wondering if it’s a good fit for you?

The Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer is currently one of the most popular (and the most affordable) incline trainers in the Nordictrack lineup. It’s built to give you an upgrade on the traditional treadmill experience.


Nordictrack x22i review
Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer


Not only do you get high 40% inclines to help you burn up to 5 times more calories than a standard treadmill, but you also get up to 6% decline for a more effective crosstraining workout.

Plus you also get the jaw-dropping 22-inch full-color, touch-screen HD console which makes the over-12,000 iFit workout videos come alive.

Since you can run basically anywhere in the world with iFit, (and the treadmill will incline and decline to match the actual terrain) this adds a whole new level of virtual reality training to your workouts.


nordictrack x22i review
Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer Console


So is the Nordictrack X22i a good buy for you? What should you know before you buy?

Here are some of the most common questions I get about the X22i incline trainer to help you decide (you can also read the full treadmill review of the X22i model here).


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nordictrack treadmills for sale



Nordictrack X22i Review – Common Q & A


#1 Do I Need to Buy iFit With the Nordictrack X22i?

As you may know, iFit Coach is an online streaming subscription service that you can connect to your treadmill. When the X22i incline trainer first came out a couple of years ago, yes you did need to buy iFit with the incline trainer. It was an add-on cost.

However forcing people to buy an online subscription service with their treadmill was not a very popular option (for obvious reasons). So Nordictrack changed this requirement.


nordictrack x22i review
iFit Coach on the Nordictrack X22i


As of this writing, you do NOT need to buy iFit to use the treadmill.

But if you buy it through the Manufacturer you can get a Full Family iFit Membership included (for a limited time) with the X22i trainer.

That way you can try out everything iFit has to offer at first – and decide if you want to renew the subscription or not.

If you don’t want to renew the subscription, it’s no problem.

The treadmill will still work without iFit (you can also use the free iFit membership which still carries a limited number o built-in workout programs).


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#2 What are the Nordictrack X22i dimensions?

The X22i incline trainer measures 70.2 “L x 39.6″ W x 72.5” H


nordictrack x22i review



#3 What Are the Ceiling Height Requirements for the Nordictrack X22i?

Great question – and one that Nordictrack doesn’t make obvious on their website.

For that reason, I went straight to the Manufacturer and asked them and this is what they told me:

“You’ll need to add 16 inches to your height when used at a 40% incline”

Ok, let’s break this down: 16 inches is 1.33 feet.

So basically add 1.33 feet to the height of the tallest user in your home and you have your ceiling height requirements for the Nordictrack X22i.

If you want to learn more about the ceiling height requirements for any incline trainer, I wrote a full post about it – complete with all the math done for you – you can read it here.


nordictrack x22 review
Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer


#4 What Exactly Do I Get with iFit?

iFit seems to evolve every year with more and more options. Right now some of the best things about iFit are:

#1) You can run trails all over the world and watch the scenery pass you by in the console window for some virtual reality fun.

You can chose from a selection of pre-mapped trails (famous world trails) or use the Googlemaps feature to map out a trail yourself (like if you want to run through an old neighbourhood).


nordictrack X22i incline trainer review
iFit Workout in Santorini


#2) You can run trails all over the world with a personal trainer guiding you through the workout. These range anywhere from the Swiss Alps to the shores of Greece.

A lot of people like the extra coaching they get with these workouts.

#3) You can stream a fitness class from your treadmill console.

There are over 12,000 of these workout classes and they cover everything from yoga to HIIT workouts to stretching and more. You’ll basically never run out of new workouts.


Nordictrack X22i Review
iFit LIVE Class


#4) NEW THIS YEAR: You can also take LIVE studio fitness classes from iFit.

Follow your trainer in real time. You can even text your trainer a question for them to answer in the next class!


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#5 Does the Nordictrack X22i Fold Up?

Unfortunately no. Because of the limits of the incline trainer design, none of the incline trainers fold up.

If you want a similar style of treadmill (without the 40% inclines) with a similar console that does fold up, you may want to consider the Nordictrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill.



#6 How Many Calories Can I Burn?

According to the Manufacturer, you can burn up to 5 times the calories at a 40% incline vs walking on a flat surface. Here’s a quick graphic to give you an idea of the calorie burning potential:


nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer review
Incline Trainer Calorie Burn


Of course you have to consider your current fitness level – not everyone will be able to go at 40% for 30 minutes straight. But it does give you the potential to build in some really high calorie-burning intervals.

Plus with the super-high inclines, you have years to grow into this treadmill. You won’t top out at a standard 12 or 15% incline and have nowhere to go.



#7 Is There A Web Browser on the Nordictrack X22i?

Officially? No, there is no web browser in the console.

According to the manufacturer, you can use the touch-screen console and the Wifi in your home to connect directly to iFit online. From there you can stream world trail workouts and online classes.


nordictrack x22i incline trainer treadmill review
Nordictrack X22i with iFit Coach



You might be able to nose around on Youtube and find a few people who, ahem, bypassed iFit and managed to watch Netflix or other apps on their screen. But you didn’t hear that from me.

And you have to consider that if you do this, you’re taking a big risk. If you mess with the iFit software and then can’t get the treadmill to work, you’ll have to call iFit or try to get a repairmen to come in and fix it.


#8 What is the Weight Limit?

The user weight capacity on the X22i is 300 lbs


nordictrack x22 incline trainer treadmill review



So Is It Right For You?

If you’re looking for a machine that gives you more than a standard treadmill- complete with the “Wow” factor and a ton of fun HD video options, you may want to consider the Nordictrack X22i.

While it may be overkill for the occasional walker (and it does not fold up), if you’re really looking to go to the next level of your personal fitness, this machine does not disappoint.

With the super-high inclines, strong 4.0 HP motor and massive HD console it puts even many commercial treadmills to shame.


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nordictrack x22i review
Nordictrack X22 Incline Trainer




Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer Review

Do Nordictrack Treadmills Require iFit?

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