Nordictrack X22i vs 2450 Treadmill – How Do They Compare?

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What’s the difference between the Nordictrack X22i vs 2450 Commercial Treadmills?

Which one is best for you?


Nordictrack X22i


These are 2 premium treadmills from Nordictrack with large, impressive screen consoles with iFit connectivity.

You can run famous trails all over the world with iFit and the treadmill responds to the terrain in real time for a more virtual-reality style training experience.

You can also take trainer-led live and streaming classes from the comfort of your home on either model.

The Nordictrack X22i is part of Nordictrack’s “Incline Trainer” series – high incline treadmills built to help you burn calories faster in less time.

The Nordictrack 2450 is part of their “Commercial” series – premium treadmills built with higher-end construction – designed to be runner-friendly and tougher than their starter models.



nordictrack 2450 vs 1750 comparison
Nordictrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill


So what are the differences between them? And which is best for you?

In this post, we’ll cover the main differences between the Nordictrack X22i vs 2450 treadmills. So you can choose the best fit for you:



Nordictrack X22i vs 2450 Treadmill –  Price

As of this writing, the Nordictrack 2450 treadmill has a slight edge here. While prices tend to jump around, you can usually get it for about $2999 with Free Shipping here.

The Nordictrack X22i incline treadmill comes in a bit higher. You can get the lastest model at around $3299 with Free Shipping here.

So is the extra money worth it on the X22i treadmill? Here are some of the differences between the two treadmills to help you decide:


Nordictrack 2450 vs X22i: Incline

The Nordictrack X22i clearly has an advantage when it comes to incline.

The Nordictrack 2450 gives you a healthy 12% incline. However the X22i outshines it with up to 40% inclines. 

How can the higher incline help you?

Well, according to the manufacturer, you can burn up to 5 times more calories with a 40% incline (vs 0 incline walking). So you can burn calories faster in less time – and see results quicker.

Even if you use the high inclines for building high-intensity intervals into your training, you’ll still be getting a higher-calorie burning workout on this treadmill.


Nordictrack X22i Incline


Another benefit?

Walking at a higher incline (at slower speeds) is also great if you have shin splints or bad knees.

It’s lower impact (since you’re not pounding down on the deck). You can walk slower at higher inclines and get a lower impact workout – while still burning a lot of calories.


Nordictrack 2450 Incline


Nordictrack X22i or 2450: Decline

The Nordictrack X22i also gives you a benefit here as well.

Both treadmills give you decline (where the treadmill deck angles down – like you’re walking downhill). Decline is not something you find on a lot of other brands and it’s a great way to add some crosstraining to your workout.


is the incline trainer better than a treadmill


The Nordictrack Commercisl 2450 treadmill gives you up to 3% decline – which is pretty good.

The X22i treadmill goes one better with up to 6% decline.

So again, you get more crosstraining options with the X22i treadmill vs the 2450 treadmill when it comes to incline and decline.



Treadmill Design Differences

You may have noticed that there’s a bit of a design difference between the Nordictrack X22i vs 2450 treadmills.

The X22i treadmill has the console a little flatter and the screen is more a part of the main console as you can see here:


Nordictrack X22i Incline Trainer Review
Nordictrack X22i Console


Nordictrack updated the Commercial 2450 treadmill this year, separated the screen from the console, while lowering the console as seen below:


Nordictrack 2450 Console

This makes it more sleek and some buyers feel the screen is a bit easier to read since it’s more upright and at eye level (like some of the health-club treadmills you see now).

Also note that the screen on the 2450 treadmill can be turned when you get off the treadmill. So you can continue your workout off the treadmill if you want.


nordictrack 1750 vs 2450 treadmill
Nordictrack 2450 Console

While you can tilt the screen on the X22i incline trainer, you can’t swivel it like you can on the 2450 Treadmill.

So the points here go to the Nordictrack 2450 treadmill.



Nordictrack X22i or 2450 – Motor Power


The Nordictrack X22i treadmill has a slightly more powerful motor than the 2450 treadmill – 4.0 CHP vs 3.6 CHP.

This isn’t really a deal breaker. Both motors are strong and should be find for most people.

But if you want the strongest motor on your treadmill, then the X22i incline trainer is the better option here.



Nordictrack 2450 vs X22i: Folding

A lot of people want a treadmill that folds up for easy storage. It’s also easier to clean around and under the treadmill as dust and dirt built up under the deck.

The Nordictrack X22i – because of the limits of a high-incline trainer – does not fold up (although you can separate the base from the main console to make it easier to move in 2 pieces).

The Nordictrack Commercial 2450 treadmill does fold up with a locking mechanism and wheels on the bottom for easier movement.

So if you want a folding treadmill – the 2450 treadmill is the clear winner in this category.


Nordictrack 2450 Treadmill


Bottom Line?

So which is better when comparing the Nordictrack X22i vs 2450 treadmill?

It really comes down to what’s most important to you.

The Nordictrack 2450 gives you the newer, sleeker design with separated screen for more ergonomic viewing. It also folds up (unlike the X22i) for easier cleaning. And you can turn the screen around to continue your workout off the treadmill.

The Nordictrack X22i gives you advantages when it comes to training and calorie burning however.

You get a much higher incline of up to 40% – which gives you a lot of room to grow and challenge yourself over the years. You also get a deeper decline for better crosstraining.

Plus it has a stronger motor to power you through extra-long workouts.

So it really depends on what you’re looking for.

Regardless of which you choose, if you use the links below you can get Free Shipping and a special iFit offer on either treadmill.


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Nordictrack X22i


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nordictrack 2450 vs 1750 comparison
Nordictrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill



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