Nordictrack X32i vs Bowflex T22 Treadmill – Which is Best for You?

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Going back and forth between the Nordictrack X32i vs Bowflex T22 Treadmill?

Wondering which is best for you?

Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer Review
Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer

These are both impressive, high-end treadmills built to give you a more effective, enjoyable workout than your standard treadmill.

They both offer extra-high inclines for faster calorie burning. Both give you large, full color, touch-screens with virtual training. So you can run famous trails all over the world or even take a fitness class from your home.

And both treadmill also give you declines – for an even more effective training experience.


Bowflex Treadmill 22


So how do they stack up? And which is best for you?

Let’s go over the main differences between the Nordictrack X32i vs Bowflex T22 Treadmill to help you decide:



Nordictrack X32i vs Bowflex T22 –  Price


As of this writing, the Bowflex Treadmill 22 comes in lower than the X32i model. You can get it for around $2799 with Free Shipping direct from the Manufacturer here.

The Nordictrack X32i incline trainer has a few more perks and comes in bit higher. You can get it around $3999 with Free Shipping direct from the Manufacturer here. 

So from a budget point of view, the Bowflex T22 treadmill gets points here for being the more affordable of the two options.


Bowflex Treadmill 22 vs Nordictrack X32i Console


Both treadmills give you impressive, full-color, HD, touch-screens where you can stream virtual training classes or run famous trails.

The main difference is in the size of the console. The Bowflex Treadmill 22 has an impressive 22-inch console:


Bowflex T22 Treadmill Console


The Nordictrack X32i gives you an even larger 32-inch console:


Nordictrack X32i Console

Everyone likes a larger screen – and it can really pull you into the action, immersing you even more in the outdoor workout or studio class you’re taking.

So while both consoles are quite large – the Nordictrack X32i outshines the Bowflex with the larger screen.

Here’s another view of the Bowflex Treadmill 22 console:


Bowflex 22 Treadmill Console


And here’s another view of the Nordictrack X32i console just to give you another perspective:


Nordictrack X32i review
Nordictrack X32i


Nordictrack X32i vs Bowflex 22 – Incline

This is another area where you see a big difference between the Nordictrack X32i vs Bowflex T22 treadmills. Both treadmills give you higher incline than you get with standard treadmills (which normally range from 10 – 15% maximum incline).

The benefit of higher inclines is that you can burn calories faster in less time. If you want to see faster results in the mirror, walking at high inclines will help get you there.

Another benefit is that high incline walking can be a great low-impact, high-calorie-burning alternative to high-impact running. So if you have shin splints or bad knees for example, you can still get a high-calorie burning workout with a slow uphill walk.


Bowflex T22 Treadmill


The Bowflex Treadmill 22 gives you up to 20% incline.

The Nordictrack X32i gives you up to 40% incline. So you get double the incline potential with the Nordictrack X32i vs Bowflex T22 treadmill (and that also means higher calorie burning potential as well).

Both options are excellent – and will give you higher calorie burning than a standard treadmill. But the Nordictrack X32i just gives you more.


Nordictrack x32i vs peloton treadmill comparison
Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer


Bowflex T22 or Nordictrack X32i: Decline

Both treadmills give you decline. So you can walk downhill for a while – which is a great way to rest or catch your breath.

The difference?

The Bowflex T22 gives you up to 5% decline.

The Nordictrack X32i gives you up to 6% decline. So you get a bit more decline with the Nordictrack vs Bowflex.

Is it a deal breaker? Not really – but it’s worth knowing.




Virtual Training Options

This is important because both of these treadmills are built to give you, not just a workout, but an “experience”. And that experience comes in the form of online streaming and virtual training programs.

The Nordictrack streaming service is called iFit. The Bowflex 22 Treadmill services is called JRNY.

Both services offer you a free version and a paid version (which gets you access to all the goodies they offer).

So the good news is that you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription fee with either of these treadmills (you’ll just be limited when it comes to streaming workouts or fitness classes).


Bowflex JRNY

Both subscription services offer you world trail workouts (where you can run famous world trails and watch the scenery pass you by in the screen for a more virtual-reality feel).

They both also give you access to fitness classes.

As of this writing, Bowflex JRNY is only offering streaming classes whereas Nordictrack iFit offers you both streaming classes and live classes.

You also get customized workouts and tracking for multiple users in your home with either iFit or JRNY.


iFit LIVE Class

iFit has been around longer and overall it’s a bit more advanced, offering you more options in terms of world trail workouts. It also has a very cool Googlemaps feature where you can map out your own trail and then run that trail while you watch the scenery pass you by in the screen.

However Bowflex is no slouch either and they are adding new options all the time.

JRNY does allow you to watch your own Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus or Amazon subscription services through the console – which is a nice option. However be aware that you can only do this with the paid version of JRNY. You can’t do it with the free version of JRNY.

Is one service better than another? They each have benefits and it depends on what you prefer at the end of the day.



Bowflex T22 vs Nordictrack X32i: Folding

This is another important difference you need to know when comparing the Bowflex T22 vs Nordictrack X32i. The Bowflex 22 treadmill folds up for easy storage.

The Nordictrack X32i – because of the limits of such a high incline design, does not fold up (although you can take the deck apart from the console for easier movement).

Note that both treadmills are extremely heavy so you really don’t want to be moving around either one very often. But it’s something to note if you absolutely need a folding treadmill.


Nordictrack X32i Review
Nordictrack X32i Trainer


Bottom Line?

So which is better when comparing the Nordictrack X32i vs Bowflex Treadmill 22?

The both have benefits.

The Bowflex T22 treadmill is more affordable. And it still gives you a higher incline and deeper decline than most treadmills.

Plus it folds up for easier movement.

The Nordictrack X32i gives you the larger console for a more immersive, enjoyable experience. And you get a much higher incline for faster calorie burning.

Plus the decline also goes a bit further on this machine.

So it really depends on what’s most important to you.

Regardless of which you choose, if you use the links below you can get Free Shipping and a special offer on either treadmill.


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Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer Review
Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer
Click to Save on the Bowflex T22


Bowflex Treadmill 22




Nordictrack X22i vs X32i Incline Trainer – Which is Best For You?

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