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Nordictrack X32i vs Peloton Treadmill – Which is Best for You?

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Trying to compare the Nordictrack X32i incline trainer vs the Peloton treadmill?

Wondering which one is right for you?


Nordictrack X32i vs Peloton Treadmill Comparison
Nordictrack Commercial X32i Incline Trainer


You’re not alone. These are two premium treadmills that give you a completely immersive, workout experience from your home.

They both have a large, full-color, 32-inch, touch-screen console where you can stream workout classes to your treadmill every day.

Basically they make treadmill training, walking or running a LOT of fun.

So how do they compare?


Peloton Treadmill


And which is best for you?

In this post, we’ll cover the main differences between the Nordictrack X32i vs Peloton treadmill. So you can choose the best fit for you:


Nordictrack X32i vs Peloton Tread – Price


Although neither model is exactly cheap, as of this writing, the Nordictrack X32i has the edge. You can get it for around $3999 with Free Shipping here.

The Peloton treadmill comes in almost $300 higher and starts around $4295 here. So it’s a bit more expensive than the Nordictrack X32i model.




Nordictrack X32i vs Peloton – Monthly Classes

Both Peloton and Nordictrack offer you streaming fitness classes right from your treadmill – with a few differences.

Peloton Classes:

You can take live Peloton fitness classes throughout the day – which is pretty cool.



You can follow your favorite instructors when they’re giving classes and watch them instruct you (and the class) in real time. You can take a variety of classes – from running to bootcamp to yoga to strength training – all live from the NYC studio.

You can also choose from thousands of on-demand classes (pre-recorded, not live). So if you like a particular instructor’s style, you can take their past classes if you want.

You can also track your progress with in-depth metrics and see how far you’ve come in previous workouts. This is great for getting that motivation to workout.




Nordictrack Classes:

Nordictrack’s online streaming service is called iFit Coach. With iFit Coach you cannot take live classes. However you can choose from thousands of on-demand fitness classes – from bootcamp to running to walking to strength training, yoga and more

You can also choose to run different world trails – either on your own – or with a coach guiding you.


Nordictrack X32i review
iFit Workout on the X32i


So, for example, you can hike the Grand Canyon or walk along the Great Wall of China where the coach will motivate you – and also point out interesting landmarks along the way.

Or you can run trails on your own, enjoying the scenery as you run. You can also map out your own trail using Googlemaps and watch the scenery that way as well (say, if you want to run through an old neighbourhood).

In fact there are currently thousands of iFit Coach world scenery walking and running tours in the library to choose from.

So as far as streaming choices, iFit Coach has a lot more options for you than Peloton – including the world trails to run.

However it doesn’t have live workouts like Peloton does.


Another Difference:

Both Peloton classes and iFit Coach are a monthly subscription service that come in around the same price per month.

However as of this writing you only get about 2 weeks of free classes with the Peloton treadmill. But you can get 1 full year of iFit coach with the Nordictrack X32i – so that’s quite a savings difference.



Peloton Treadmill


Nordictrack X32i vs Peloton: Incline

This is where you see a huge difference between these two machines.

The Peloton treadmill gives you up to 15% incline – which is pretty standard for most home treadmills. It’s a great way to add some high-intensity intervals into your training.

However the Nordictrack X32i is an incline trainer – which means it’s a treadmill – but with a monster incline.

So you get from 0 – 40% incline on this model, which is incredible.


Nordictrack x32i vs peloton treadmill comparison
Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer


What’s the benefit of a higher incline?

Well, you can burn up to 5 times more calories on the X32i incline trainer than on a standard treadmill. So you can get more done in less time on this treadmill – which is great if you only have a limited time to workout.

You also have a lot more room to grow with this treadmill. You won’t top out at the 15% incline and then have nowhere to go. You can keep challenging yourself as your fitness level improves over time.


Another difference? Decline

The Nordictrack X32i also gives you up to 6% decline – for even more crosstraining options. (There is no decline on the Peloton treadmill).

The decline is great for taking a break during HIIT training. It’s also incorporated (along with the incline) into the iFit Coach world trails.

So the treadmill will actually incline and decline to match the actual terrain of whatever trail you’re running – for a more virtual reality style experience, very cool.


nordictrack X32i incline trainer review
Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer


Motor Power

The Peloton treadmill comes with a 2.0 HP motor – which is pretty good. However the Nordictrack X32i incline trainer comes with a monster 4.25 HP motor – which is amazing. (A stronger motor can handle a lot more use and abuse of the treadmill with ease.)



Speed/Incline Controls

The Peloton treadmill comes with speed and incline controls on the side handrails. These are pretty cool since they’re circular knobs that you reach up and turn whenever you want to change your speed or incline.

You don’t have to scroll through the incline or speed settings like you do with many treadmills.


Peloton Speed Controls

The Nordictrack X32i doesn’t have this option. You change the speed/incline by tapping the controls on either side of the console screen.

There are however one-touch controls where you can change to a desired level with one touch of a button – so you don’t have to scroll through levels if you don’t want to.



Nordictrack X32i vs Peloton Treadmill: Warranty:

The Peloton treadmill gives you a 5 year frame warranty and a 1 year parts and labor warranty – which is a bit weak for a $4000 treadmill.

The Nordictrack X32i is better with a 10 year frame warranty, 2 years on parts and 1 year on labor. Again you’d want to see a bit more – but it’s still pretty good – and better protection than you get with Peloton.



Manufacturer Experience

This really boils down to what you’re comfortable with – but I thought it was worth pointing out.

Peloton is known for their Peloton high-energy fitness classes. They’re amazing. Nobody so far has managed to beat them in terms of popularity.

However – they’re known for making great fitness classes – not necessarily fitness equipment. They’re pretty new to the whole area of fitness equipment manufacturing – having only released their bike a few years ago – and the treadmill this year.

Compare this with Nordictrack – who has been making treadmills for over 30 years – and have won tons of “Best Buy” awards to boot, and you’ll see there’s a big difference in Manufacturer experience.

This wouldn’t be such a big deal if you were buying a $700 treadmill – but this is a $4000 machine. It’s not exactly pocket change.

When you’re spending $4000+ on a treadmill, you want to make sure the company that makes it has a fair amount of experience making high-quality, commercial-grade equipment. You also want to know that they’re going to be around in 5-10 years should you need to service your equipment.

So in terms of manufacturing experience, Nordictrack has an edge here over Peloton.


nordictrack treadmill assembly


Bottom Line?

So which is better when comparing the Nordictrack X32i vs Peloton Treadmill?

Both have benefits

You get live classes with the Peloton treadmill – which you don’t get with Nordictrack. And you also get a sleek look with advanced speed/incline controls. Plus if you really love the Peloton brand name and the Peloton classes, then this is obviously the better choice for you.

However in terms of value for your money, the Nordictrack X32i just gives you a lot more. You get thousands of on-demand fitness classes – plus the world trail workouts (and can try it for the full year at no extra charge – unlike Peloton).

You also get up to 40% incline and 6% decline – which gives you a lot more room to grow over time. You also get a longer warranty and a free heart rate monitor included – for a lower price.

At the end of the day it really comes down to what you prefer.

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nordictrack X32i vs Peloton tread
Nordictrack X32i Incline Trainer


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Peloton Treadmill




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