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Nordictrack X7 Vs X9 Comparison

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Which is Best For You?


Nordictrack x7 vs x9 incline trainer
Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer

The two most affordable Nordictrack incline trainers are the X7 (around $1599) and the X9 (around $1999). They both give you the main benefit of incline trainer – up to 40% incline.

So you can burn up to 5 times more calories on both machines vs a regular treadmill.

But there are still some key differences between them. Is the X9 worth the extra money? Which is your best option?

Here’s a rundown of what you need to know:


#1 Console Differences

The X7 and the X9 have two very different consoles. The X7 has a dual-color only console seen here:


nordictrack x7 vs x9 console


The X9 on the other hand has a multi-color console and built in web browser:


nordictrack X9i console


This can make a big difference, especially if you plan on using iFit LIVE to run different world trails or watch the HD workout videos. You won’t get the detail with the X7 that you would with the X9.

x9i incline trainer console


Also, as mentioned, the X9 has a touch-screen web browser that you don’t get with the X7. So with the X9, you can surf the net, read emails or catch up with Facebook friends. And that again can make a big difference in the enjoyment of your workout time.


#2 Decline

While the X7 does give you 3% decline, the X9 gives you 6% – twice as much. So you can get a better crosstraining challenge with the X9.


#3 Motor

treadmill motorThe X9 has a 3.0 HP motor and the X7 gives you a 2.75 HP motor. Not a big difference, but it’s there nonetheless.

This means the X9 is a bit more prepared to handle longer, more intense workouts than the X7.


#4 Weight Capacity

The Weight Capacity on the X9 is slightly higher 350 vs 325 lbs – again not a big difference. But, like the motor size, it’s just an indicator that the X9 can stand up to a bit more frequent or heavy use.


incline trainer comparison


So those are the main differences between the Nordictrack X7 vs X9 incline trainers. The big difference is really found in the console.

The X9 has all the bells and whistles including the full color console and web browser. So if you tend to need a lot of workout distraction, this might be a better option.

But if you just want a simple incline trainer without all the bells and whistles, you’ll probably prefer the X7.

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nordictrack x7 or x9 incline trainer
Nordictrack X7 Incline Trainer