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Nordictrack X9 vs X15 – Learn Which is Best for You!

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x15i incline trainer treadmill
Nordictrack X15i trainer

Thinking about a Nordictrack incline trainer and wondering about the X9 vs the X15?

The X15 (full review here) is a brand new incline trainer this year – with all of the bells and whistles. However the X9 (full review here) is currently the best selling model.

So which should you choose? How do they compare?

Here’s a quick comparison of the Nordictrack X9 vs X15 and what you need to know.


Same Basics

First of all, these two trainers have a lot of the same basics: 40% incline and 6% decline, full color web browser and long 60 inch running area. They are also both iFit LIVE compatible and have iPod docks with speakers.


Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer Review
Nordictrack X9i Incline Trainer



Price Difference

Currently the X9 is about $700 less than the X11. So it’s obviously the more attractive price-wise. However the X15 does have a few more features than the X9 that some people may think is worth the extra money including:


Tougher Motor

The X15 comes with a monster 4.5 HP motor. Compare this to the X9 trainer with a 3.0 HP motor and it’s quite a difference. A stronger motor means the machine will hold up better under long or strenuous workouts. And it may last longer over time.


nordic track X15i Incline Trainer Console



The Nordictrack X15 comes with a large 15 inch HD TV built above the console. So you can basically place the treadmill in any room you want and still watch your favorite shows.

And since NT is removing the TV’s from their Commercial treadmills, that makes the X15 the only NT treadmill with a built-in TV.


Longer Warranty

The X15 does give you much more extensive warranty protection than the X9. This may or may not matter to you since both warranties are excellent.



More Workout Programs

The X15 also comes with a few more built-in workouts (not the iFit LIVE options, which are the same across the board) than the X9.

ifit live on Nordictrack x15 treadmill


So those are the big differences between the Nordictrack X9 vs X15. Basically the X15 has the extra entertainment option of the TV – and the motor is built to be tougher and handle a bit more intensity.

So it really depend on what you’re looking for when it comes which machine is the best option for you.

Want to learn more? You can compare all incline trainers direct at the Manufacturer site here.




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