Refurbished Nordictrack Treadmill – Where To Buy Refurbished Treadmills and Save

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Looking for a refurbished Nordictrack treadmill?

Buying a refurbished treadmill from a trusted company can be a great way to save hundreds on your treadmill.

These companies often give you discount prices of up to 60% off – plus free or discount delivery.

Many even offer their own warranty on the machine to give you peace of mind.

This is a lot better than buying used from some guy in the classifieds. (You don’t even know if the treadmill is in good working order.)

But at least buying from these companies gives you protection – you have the warranty. Plus, they have an online reputation to protect.

So it’s in their best interest to sell you the best machine they can and make you happy as a customer.

Where can you find a good company that offers you quality refurbished Nordictrack treadmills?

This page will list 2 sellers/stores that you can check out. Both of them ship to the contiguous United States.

They both offer excellent discounts and a wide variety of refurbished Nordictrack treadmills to choose from.

Both stores also offer their own machine warranties on any treadmill you buy from them.

You’ll find details about each seller below with links directly to their Nordictrack treadmills sales page.


Refurbished Nordictrack Treadmills – Where to Buy:


1) New Life Equipment

refurbished nordictrack treadmill for saleNew Life has been around for 10 years and has an excellent online reputation.

They’re based in Los Angeles, California and deliver locally.

But they also ship across the United States (except Hawaii or Alaska). If you buy a treadmill for over $1000, they usually offer Free Shipping as well.

How does it work?

They get Nordictrack treadmills with boxes that were damaged in shipping (the treadmills themselves are ok). However, even though the treadmills are fine, they can’t be sold as brand new due to the damaged boxes.

The technicians at New Life assemble the treadmills and test them out to make sure they’re running to the highest-quality standards. Then the treadmills are ready to sell – but without the box.

Because of this, just be aware that you won’t have an official box for the treadmill and most likely the treadmill will come fully assembled. (Then again, if you’re not handy, this might be a good thing.)

They offer their own warranty on the treadmills of around 90 days labor and 3 years on parts.

Use the link below to get Free Shipping and see the latest refubished Nordictrack treadmill sales:


Click to See All Nordictrack Treadmills




2) Get Fit Equipment

refurbished treadmillGet Fit is based in Las Vegas,Nevada and ships to the lower 48 states (not Alaska or Hawaii). They offer a range of refurbished treadmills at large discounts.

They buy refurbished Nordictrack treadmills, make sure they’re in excellent working order – then resell them to you at discount prices.

How does it work exactly?

According to their site, NordicTrack treadmills that are returned to the manufacturer are sent to a collection hub.

Once at this hub the manufacturers quality assurance technicians inspect each machine.

Those treadmills that do not pass inspection are destroyed by the manufacturer. Machines that do pass inspection by the manufacturers quality assurance technicians are then resold to Get Fit Cardio at a reduced price.

They then pass this reduced price on to you, the customer.

If you buy a treadmill from them, the treadmill may or may not come in a box – and probably not fully assembled.

However if you use the link below, you can get Free Shipping and a coupon code (top left of the page) to save on any treadmill you buy.


Click to See Their Current Nordictrack Treadmill Sales




So those are 2 great options if you’re looking for a refurbished treadmill.

Keep in mind that you might get some of the older models available on sites selling refurbished machines. But if you don’t really mind, it’s a great way to save hundreds and still buy a quality Nordictrack treadmill for your home!



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