See iFit on the Nordictrack C700 Treadmill!

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nordictrack C700 treadmill review
Nordictrack C700 Treadmill

Want to see how iFit Coach works on the Nordictrack C700 Treadmill?

The C700 is one of Nordictracks most affordable treadmills coming in under $800. This makes it great for buyers on a budget.

However the downside is that you don’t get a lot of perks of the higher end treadmill – like the built-in, full-color web browsers in the console.

However the Nordictrack C700 does have a bracket above the console you can use to attach your tablet.

From your tablet you can connect with iFit and watch iFit scenery and workouts that way.

So you can still experience all the fun that iFit Coach has to offer – even on the C700 treadmill.

Here’s a great video showing you how it works and what iFit looks like on the Nordictrack C700 treadmill:






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Also note that the workouts are not all standard treadmill workouts with iFit. There are stretching, yoga and even HIIT training workouts.

You choose which workouts you want to do – giving you the freedom to get as much (or as little) out of iFit as you want.

For more information on the Nordictrack C700 treadmill, read the full review here.


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ifit Coach on nordictrack c700 treadmill