Nordictrack Drops the Price on their Treadmill Desk

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nordictrack treadmill desk review
Nordictrack Treadmill Desk

Nordictrack has played around with desk treadmills for a few years now – and quite frankly it’s not their strongest area.

They can’t seem to make their desk treadmills as well known as say, their incline trainers or Freestride ellipticals which are monsters in the home fitness market.

And more evidence of this comes as they’ve recently retooled their treadmill desk yet again – and dropped the price.

The latest Nordictrack treadmill desk is on sale for only $999 – which is incredible considering that when it first came out it was going for $1999. How long will the price stay there? I’m not sure.

But right now the current price makes it a pretty decent value. That is if you’re looking for a desk treadmill.

Keep in mind that desk treadmills have a few limitations like lower speed limits and no inclines. But that’s because they are built as walking workstations – you’re not supposed to walk above 1.5 MPH as you’re working.


nordctrack treadmill desk review


Something I like about the Nordictrack desk treadmill is that the finish on the desk is really nice – it’s actually the most aesthetically appealing desk treadmill I’ve seen (sorry Proform and Lifespan!). So it fits in nicely with a high end home office.

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nordictrack treadmill desk review
Nordictrack Treadmill Desk