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Which Nordictrack Bike is Best? Two Great Options To Consider

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which nordictrack bike is bestLooking for the best Nordictrack bike?

While we usually talk about Nordictrack treadmills on this blog, many people also like their exercise bikes as well.

Nordictrack offers several different types of exercise bikes – which leaves people wondering:


Which Nordictrack Bike is Best?


This, of course, is a subjective thing – what’s best for you might not be best for someone else with different fitness goals.

However for this post, I’ll give you 2 different options based on what I think is the best value for the money, best rated over time and which models offer you the most coveted features.

You’ll also find links to where you can read more (or even buy) each bike. So hopefully then you can a Nordictrack exercise bike that you’ll love – and enjoy for years to come.

So let’s jump in:


Which Nordictrack Bike is Best?


#1 Nordictrack S27i Studio Bike

If you’re looking for the most immersive training experience possible, this is the bike for you.


Nordictrack S27i Bike

From the massive, HD, 27-inch touch screen to the incline/decline features, this bike has everything you need – short of training outside.

You can connect to iFit streaming directly through the console. From there you can ride hundreds of famous world trails and enjoy the scenery pass you by in the massive screen.

The bike will also incline and decline to match the actual terrain that you’re riding to give you a more immersive feel.



Don’t want to explore the world trails?

No problem – take an iFit cycling class from the comfort of your living room. There are both streaming classes and even live classes that you can take in real time.

With iFit you can track your workouts over time, set new goals, map out new trails to ride using Googlemaps and get motivation to reach new heights.

This bike was also rated Best of Forbes Vetted for 2023. It comes in with high user reviews – and it’s been around for several years now – a testament to it’s popularity.

Plus because it’s been around for a while, Nordictrack has had the time to work out the kinks that always come with a brand new product. It’s been time-tested so to speak.

Any downsides?

Well, it’s not cheap.

It’s definitely a premium, health-club style bike. And it may be overkill if you just want a simple, standard exercise bike that you can use once in a while.

But if you want all the bells and whistles with a more virtual reality training feel, this one is worth checking out.


Click for More on the S27i Studio Bike




#2 Nordictrack Commercial R35 Recumbent

If you want a more relaxing, less intense ride that’s easier on the knees, you’re probably considering a recumbent bike.

That’s where the Nordictrack R35 comes in. It’s a higher level of recumbent bike than you usually find – with a full-color, HD touch-screen, side handrail controls and easy, lever-pull, forward/back seat adjustments.



The seat is also vented – allowing air to circulate through to your back as you ride, which is a nice touch to keep you cool.

As with the S27i bike above, you can connect with iFit streaming through the console and ride trails all over the world or take fitness classes from home.

Another nice touch is the step-thru design – which makes it easy to get on and off the bike. There’s also a molded seat with back support for extra comfort.



The R35 Recumbent bike is another one that has been around for years now (with a few upgrades).

So it’s battle-tested and one of the better recumbent options on the market this year.

It’s also more affordable than the S27i bike above, making it easier on the budget.

Overall if you want a more comfortable ride for a great price, this is a great value option:


Click Here for More on the R35 Recumbent Bike


So if you’re asking the question – Which Nordictrack Bike is Best? those are 2 great options for you.

Hopefully they give you some ideas on what gets you excited about cycling from home and which exercise bike is best for you.

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